Zika- The Virus Which Destructs Fetal Brain

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Studies suggest that Zika virus can affect the baby’s brain if the mother is exposed to this virus in pregnancy. The Zika virus remains a threat to the baby in the first trimester. The resulting defect caused in the child’s brain is termed as microcephaly, wherein the baby is born with an abnormally small brain or head. Babies and children suffering with microcephaly often have to face challenges as they grow older with regard to brain development.


1. How do people become infected?

  Through the bite of infected female Aedes mosquitoes. This mosquito is also known to transmit dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.


 2. What are the symptoms of Zika infection?

1.     Mild fever

2.     Skin rash

3.     Conjunctivitis

4.     Muscle and joint pain

5.     Fatigue that can last for two to seven days


3. How to prevent infection?

1.     Start to wear long sleeve t-shirt and long pants.

2.     Stay in places that use windows and door or air conditions to keep mosquitoes away.

3.     Keep your surroundings clean.

4.     Do not let water stagnate around house.

5.     When pregnant, avoid going to places that harbors mosquitoes.

6.     Sleep under a mosquito net.

7.     Use appropriate mosquito repellents.


We hope we have provided you the required information about the Zika virus. Stay protected from mosquitoes to be protected from Zika.

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