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Do you know the average age when people lose their virginity? You would be astonished to know that this figure is 17.1! Yes! People start having sex this early, yet most of them cling to age old beliefs about sex. Read on to know these myths about sex.


1.    People cannot get pregnant if they are having sex for the first time.

Well, a woman can get pregnant any time, irrespective of the number of intercourses she has had period.


2.    Sex during period= no pregnancy= no contraception needed during chums.

NO! Many people in fact do not use protection while having sex in chums, but they forget that sex during period too can result in pregnancy and that condoms reduce the mess.


3.    Shoe size= Penis size.

As the women who choose men on the basis of their shoe size must be aware that this is a crazy idea, for they might have been let down to witness a groundnut instead of banana.


4.    The bigger the better.

Technically, the aim is to hit the G spot, which in contradiction to beliefs, might be missed by longer penises. So yes, it is a myth that longer penile size gives more pleasure. It is rather the width which is more pleasing than the length.


5.    Sexual intercourse= workout.

That might be a possibility if people have sex for hours, which is rare.

6.    Pornography is a man thing.

Various studies have suggested different results but women definitely do not hate porn. In one study, one out of three women were reported to watch porn at least once a week.


7.    Hymen is an indicator of virginity.

Hymen is a membrane which can be torn by many activities, including vigorous exercise. You were wrong if you have believed all along that your wife or girlfriend lied to you.


8.    Coitus interruptus is an ensured contraceptive method.

Often, men miss pulling it out at the right time, resulting in increased chances of pregnancy.


We hope we have eliminated at least some of your ancient notions about pregnancy and sex.


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