You Might Not Want To Take Contraceptive Pills After Reading This!

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Mood swings, anxiety, depression, vaginal discharge, breast tenderness, headache, nausea and what not! Oral contraceptives might as well be the greatest blunder to a woman’s health. There are no two ways that contraceptive pills offer tremendous help when you do not want pregnancies. But have you ever thought what these little pills might do to you? No? Keep reading. We will tell you what magnitude of harm they might elicit.

1. Sickness

Though expected to last only up to three months,some women feel queasy when they start pills. Taking them right after meals can help reduce the uneasiness that comes with them. This way, your body can adjust with altering levels of estrogen and progesterone with ease.

2. Bloating

The variation caused by pills in your sex hormones might cause prompt water retention and bloating. This might be especially worse for ladies experiencing other gastrointestinal tract issues.


3. Increased appetite

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you get super hungry when you are in the PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) phase? Hormones can make you hungry. And when the entire axis of sex hormone release is getting altered, you can imagine the effects! So, pills prevent pregnancy but make you put on pounds? Well they might if you choose to eat the wrong foods.


4. Mood Swings

This issue is tricky. While a few ladies with a past filled with mood issues — sadness, uneasiness, even sleep deprivation tend to see an expansion in the severity of symptoms once they go on some contraceptive pills, others report that taking the pills enhance their psychological confusion.


5. Blood clot

More up to date variants of anti-conception medication pills seem to put a few ladies at an elevated danger of blood clumps. Thankfully this can be kept under control. If you do encounter any symptom related to the same, make sure you call your doctor as soon as possible, for it might an emergency.


6. Decreased sex drive

Some ladies report decrement in their sex drive once they start pills. A lot of it can be attributed to other side effects like bloating, breast cramp (who would wish to be sexual in pain when the stomach feels like a balloon!)


7. Vaginal discharge

A few people experience changes in vaginal discharge when on pills. Most commonly this is manifested as reduced discharge, the consequence of which might influence the quality of sex. In case of reduced vaginal discharge, added lubrication can be used to make sex a more agreeable.

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