Women, Since You Are So Special, We Want You To Be Blessed With A Merrier Health

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Hello ladies! There have been outrageous posts on feminism from past few days. The internet was flooding with posts wishing you all tons of happiness on this special day, which is celebrated worldwide for your being. To be frank, you do not need one day because everyday belongs to you. You are the ones to keep the world going. You are the ones to define many days for many people with everything that you do. 

One aspect which remained conveniently disregarded on this occasion was your health. So besides wishing you oodles of joy on this day and everyday that you witness, we share with you simple ways with which you can make your much essential life happier and healthier.

 1. De-stress 

Since your life matters to many others related directly and indirectly to you, make sure that you get rid of all forms of stress. Right from relationships to profession, stress is easily accumulated, causing clutter in both mind and lives. What is affected significantly because of this stress is your health. You should have your own ways devised to say no to stress. Some easy measures are:

·        Meditation and breathing practices: They say- “when you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”. So to be able to take control of your life, you have to take control of your breath. Even if you have too much on your plate, take out a few minutes to watch your breath. You can see the changes for yourself. The following video describes how meditation can alter your brain for the better.



·        Yoga: an excellent way to curb stress. Ancient sages knew this and thus they lived a joyful and longer life. Yoga has the magical power to change your life. Checkout the most common poses to release stress instantly in the following link.


·        Walk on: go out and take a long walk to feel close to the nature and to yourself. Feel the breeze caressing your face. Observe the colors around you. Nurture the nature. You will fall in love with the world that you live in.

·        Read, read and read: great minds come from great reading. Stay updated with what goes on around you. Whatever genre allures you, make it a point to grab a book of your choice every now and then. It would enhance your confidence and knowledge, thereby making you a happier and hence, healthier.

·        Go into music: there are tracks which alleviate your mood regardless of how morose you feel. Figure out the tracks which work out for you. Here comes the sun (The Beatles), don’t stop believing (Journey), don’t worry, be happy (Bobby McFerrin) are a few examples to keep you in the best mood.

·        Laugh out loud: watch a funny sitcom or spend time with people who make you laugh like a child. There is a reason why kids stay far from sadness. They think less and laugh more. Make it a point to have a good laugh every day.

·        Communicate: a happy life comes from happy relationships. Never stop communicating with your loved ones. The reason that the world is going up in flames is because people have stopped communicating. Re-kindle your relationships by communicating on a regular basis.

·        Greet your hobby: as the Dead Poet’s Society quotes it- “medicine, law, business, engineering: these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life; but poetry, beauty, romance, love- these are what we stay alive for.” Never forget to devote time to things which make you feel alive.    


2. Use minimum cosmetics

You are beautiful the way you are. You do not need to spend time in front of the mirror to make sure you look good. Nor do you need those expensive beauty creams to look younger. There is beauty in simplicity and there is grace in ageing.

Not only cosmetics contain many carcinogens, when used in the longer run, they rather make you look older. So use minimum cosmetics.


3. Keep a check on your weight

Being overweight is how you ensure ailments reach out to you. For women especially, the extra adipose can give rise to many diseases- cancer, diabetes, PCOD, infertility to name a few. 


4. Hydrate yourself

Your body would not function appropriately without getting its necessary supply of water. Dehydration might result in constipation, stones, disturbed liver metabolism (which in turn gives rise to a cascade of events) etc. Make it s point to gulp down at least 10 glasses of water every day. This will also detox your body.


5. Cut down carbs

Here we are specifically talking about processed sugars (which include almost all the relishing foods like pasta, pizza, desserts). These affect your health adversely, cause obesity and make you older much before getting old. So cut down on cards and opt for less processed foods and foods rich in proteins and good fats.


6. Go for a healthy diet instead of a happy diet

A happy diet might please your taste buds for a while but in the long run, it affects your body adversely. Instead of choosing a diet which makes you happy, filling your intestines and body with toxins, choose a diet which is easily digested. Fibers should be a compulsory part of your diet.


7. Vitamins and minerals

Many women who are vegetarian stay deprived of essential vitamins and minerals essential for body. This leads to malnutrition in mild to severe forms. Thus, make sure that you consume vitamins and minerals as supplements if your diet fails to provide you the same.


8. Practice birth control

Whether you are married or unmarried, birth control would never have any side effects. They might in fact have additional benefits of safeguarding you from sexual disorders. In the end, you do not want to have an unwanted pregnancy to screw up your own body, do you?


9. Visit to gynaecologist and dentist are mandate

In every six months, you should get yourself checked by both a dentist and a gynaecologist. Women visit these specialists only when it is too late to manage the problem that they encounter. So schedule your appointment with a dentist and a gynaecologist to be sure that you are healthy.

 10. Don’t forget the sweet slumber:  

Sleep deprivation can lead to troubles much more serious than what you might have ever thought of. It causes anxiety, depression, obesity, stroke and cardiac problems. A 7 hour sleep is a must to stay healthy. So no matter how busy you are, do not compromise on your sleep, ever.

 We want to tell you again that you are special. So take care of your health and we hope that this article would provide some aid to you in doing the same.

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