Why Homeopathy?

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Homeopathy is medical science or system which is used to treat any type of disease, from acute to chronic, mild to severe, concerning almost all systems of body, from skin, joints or immunity. Not only can homeopathy alleviate the various aches, it can help you in getting rid of recurring or seasonal infections like throat or lung infections, cold, flues, dysentery, diarrhea etc. The strength of homeopathy can be easily surmised after knowing that it has been practiced to cure diseases like tuberculosis, pneumonia, malaria, kidney or heart failure and many more. It is difficult to list down all the benefits of using homeopathy in day to day life. Following are a few reasons why you should start using homeopathy as much as you can.


1. Effective to treat diseases which allopathy cannot

Homeopathy is extremely effective when it comes to the treatment of chronic diseases which demand prolonged treatment spans, only to recur in a while. Homeopathy is known to combat recurring diseases like acne, arthritis, migraine, allergies, asthma all of which have no permanent treatment in allopathy.


2. Lasting relief

The relief offered by homeopathy medicines is for a much longer time, ranging from many months to even years. The reason behind thus being the fact that homeopathy treats the very disease itself, rather than mere symptoms and effects of diseases.


3. Say goodbye to diseases without side effects

Homeopathy is a very safe way to treat diseases as it does not have any adverse effects. The homeopathic medicines have greatest advantage of keeping other body functions safe and sound while dealing with one function. This is contrasting to the way how allopathy works, with giving 4 undesired effects along with one desired effect.


4. A boon for people who cannot tolerate allopathic medications

Those patients who have problems in taking conventional medicines because of remarkable effects like nausea, vomiting etc can safely opt the homeopathic regime. They are way too easy to be metabolized or processed in body.


5. It is all natural

Homeopathic medicines are salts derived from natural suources like herbs, animal products and minerals. These medicines can be safely prescribed to all age groups from kids to adults. This treatment does not cause any damage or allergies, nor does it hamper digestion.


6. Low Cost

Homeopathic medicines are much less expensive than conventional medicine for they are generic. Yes, there might be a chance that homeopathic doctors can charge a consultation fee slightly more than other doctors, but that is not certain. Besides, the overall effect of homoepathic medicines is definitely worth it.


Most of the times homeopathy is considered a second choice or is opted when the conventional methods show no anticipated response or cause too many side effects. But as a matter a fact if homeopathy is chosen over allopathy right from the very beginning of the treatment, it will help the patient from the very beginning with no side effects in the long run. 

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