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How hard does life seem without teeth! Kind of awkward right! What if we tell you that many of the foods that you eat and drinks that you drink are deteriorating the quality of your teeth, some of them to an extent that you might as well lose your teeth at a very early age? What you eat affects your body for sure, but it affects your teeth more so. Following is a list of commonly used things which can damage your teeth to a great extent.


1. Citrus foods

Even though citrus foods are believed to have excellent effects on health, their effects on teeth are not quite so. There are a number of ways they cause harm to your teeth. The citrus food which contains high acidic content, cause wearing away of enamel. This makes teeth vulnerable to caries and sensitivity due to exposure of the inner layer called dentin. In fact, taking citrus foods in concentrated forms might as well cause ulcers.


2. Ice

We never said ice cream. Here, by ice we intend to refer to ice in solid form. Just to add on we do want you to know that extremely cold beverages are anyway considered not so good for teeth because of the fact that they might trigger sensitivity. If you try breaking ice using your teeth, you might get what is called a cracked tooth. This cracked tooth is a nightmare because it not only makes you more prone to hot and cold sensations, but also becomes a breeding ground for infection causing bacteria, worse? You might as well get a severe tooth ache.


3. Your favorite potato chips      

Who would ever deny munching on a packet of  Lays or Uncle Chips? Even if we are full, there is always some scope for wafers or potato chips. But hang on! Have you ever thought about the consequences? One they make you fat, and two, they are not so good for your teeth. The reason is because of high carbohydrate and low fiber content.  Potato chips get adhered to teeth surface. Because of this, your teeth become more susceptible to caries.


4. Soda

The reason why sugar is considered bad for teeth is because continuous exposure of teeth to sugar causes breakdown of teeth (called caries) due to action of bacteria which get nourishment in the form of sugars which are stuck to teeth. As a matter of fact, a single glass of carbonated drinks contain approximately 10- 13 spoons of sugar. Imagine the devastating effects one glass of your favorite soda has in store!


5. Mints, candies, dragees and cough

Again, these are nothing but pure sugar mix. They would only add up to the sugar clung to your teeth, and make your teeth more prone to decay. Also, hard candies might as well break your tooth, resulting in pain and fractured tooth. Limit their consumption as much as you can.


We do not imply that you should stop consuming any of these. All we intend to say is that you should take them in moderation to have healthy teeth for a longer time.

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