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What we eat, we become. If there is one thing that affects us the most, it is what we eat. Our food governs our body and hence our mind. Food can make us healthy or unhealthy; food can make us young or old. Thus it becomes a necessity for us to choose our foods wisely, judging them on the basis of the outcome they have on our body, rather than blindly eating what pleases our taste buds, turning our body into trash can.

All that we eat have an impact on our body. You might be unaware of it, but there is a possibility that you are eating foods which make you look or feel much older than what you actually are. Following are a few foods and their impact on ageing. You must stop having them if you haven’t already!


1. Desserts

Ahem! I am sorry but all those who have a sweet tooth (that includes me by the way), I have some bad news for you. Your favorite desserts fall in the category of high glycemic foods. These are the foods which rapidly get converted to glucose. The raised glucose levels in turn cause the insulin levels to spike, which causes a picture of generalized inflammation in your body. As a result of this inflammation, there is widespread production of enzymes which breakdown your skin by breaking down the predominant fibers- collagen, elastin. This makes your skin look old because of the resultant wrinkles. I know it would hurt as much as a heartache (or a little more maybe), but try cutting down on sweet foods as much as you can.


2. Coffee

Are you among the people who cannot get out of their beds without the morning shot of coffee? There has always been much controversy about the overall effects of coffee, because of the dual impact it has on body. To begin with, having coffee empty stomach in morning is not as good as you think. It triggers the release of hydrochloric acid from stomach, under ideal situations is supposed to be produced only when there is food is to be absorbed in stomach. When excess acid is produced empty stomach, not only will it lead to acidity, but it might not be produced adequately after meals, which can cause bloating and other similar problems.

Coffee is a known diuretic. It thus flushes out water from body (and hence skin). Your skin looks flushed out and old when you have too much coffee. Make sure you drink adequate water if you are a caffeine addict, and avoid over indulgence.


3. Trans fats

Trans fat is the fat which is produced when vegetable oils are heated to very high temperatures. These trans fats are used in most processed foods. They are stable fats which have stronger bonds and do not break easily. The trans fat enhance taste of foods, and are often used in restaurants for deep frying for the reason that they can be used and reused several times. These not only participate in initiation of heart diseases, messing up cholesterol levels (raise the bad cholesterol levels, reduce the good cholesterol levels), but also speed up the ageing process of body.


4. Pickles

As Indians, we are bound to call our food incomplete when pickles do not form a part of it. We all love the taste and the taste fortification that pickle does to a bland diet. But it does not mean that it fortifies food in terms of nutrition as well. It rather causes harm. There are two main reasons behind this- one is the high oil content in pickles and two, the excessive salts that pickles contain. The excessive salts cause water retention in body and hypertension, whereas the oils raise cholesterol levels, and cause obesity. The salt content also reduces bone density in women, making them prone to ailments like osteoporosis.


5. Ketchup

We have all asked for that extra ketchup sachet at the Mc Donalds or KFC. There are people who can eat ketchup like candy. But have you even wondered what this delicious condiment contains? I hope you are not naïve enough to believe that the nutritional value of ketchup is same as that of tomatoes. Ketchup is nothing but concentrated high fructose corn syrup. The preservatives which are used in ketchup only cause damage to vital organs if taken in excess.  


6. Cold drinks

Cold drinks are nothing but excess sugar in water along with some other useless constituents. The high sugar content in these drinks can lead to diabetes. The pH of these drinks lie in the range of 3-4. This strongly acidic pH can even dissolve the bones and enamel on teeth. The effect of cold drinks on bones is in fact so strong that it can increase the susceptibility to fracture and osteoporosis. Why drink something which is as good as toilet cleaners?


7. Junk foods

The name “junk” itself issues a note of caution. How can something which is called junk be any god? Junk food includes all those foods which taste extremely good, but are compromised when it comes to nutritional values. This includes your favorite white sauce pasta and pizza! Let me enumerate some effects that the junk foods have on body. Diabetes, liver problems, infertility, cancer, GI and kidney troubles- they are all caused by your favorite burger. Let me not forget mentioning obesity and severely reduced energy levels. Hence I rest my case. You can continue having these “junk foods” if you wish to look like fifty in your thirties.


Stop speeding the process of ageing by opting for wrong kind of foods. Start eating things which make you healthy and young, for only if you eat right would you be able to stay fit and fine.

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