Want To Stay Energized During Garba? Follow These Tips

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Hello men and women! Getting geared up for garba this navratri? We know how essential these 9 days are for you. We know you have been drudging night and day for months together for this fiesta. But we also care about keeping you in the best of health as you get ready to shake it off. With sweat, you lose humungous quantities of water, glucose, electrolytes and therefore energy. You feel jaded as lactic acid builds up in muscles, causing them to give up. It is this lactic acid which gives you the burning that you feel in your muscles during workout. 

With the grand festival a day away, know some simple rules to keep your energy levels boosted up as you get soaked up in sweat during the intense sessions of garba.

1. Eat wisely

Choose a combination of proteins and carbohydrates for both are equally essential. Also choose simple carbohydrates rather than the complex ones. Please do not over eat. As a rule, eat at least 30 minutes before you leave home for garba.


2. In between, Glucose is your ally!

If your stomach churns in between garba sessions, it is glucose which will provide the necessary surge of energy. So keep some candies handy. If you choose to eat an energy bar, eat only half. Don’t eat too much at one go.


3. Do not forget the salts

With sweat, goes away major amount of salts in your body. An easy way to overcome the loss is by carrying some Tang along with you and taking sips in 15- 20 minutes. You can also carry your favourite dry fruits in roasted forms.


3. Calcium

Calcium is essential for effective and desired muscle contraction. So start including calcium rich foods in your diet. Cheese, egg, yogurt, buttermilk or milk might be serve the purpose.


4. Hydration

The reason that we have put this in caps is because this is mandatory. Water during workouts is essential to maintain hydration in body. Without water, dehydration ensues which is a lot more serious than what you think (the worst part being that you might as well have to put an end to your favourite garba). So STAY HYDRATED!


5. Stow your row, Sailor!

When the burning in muscles compels you to stop, slow down for a few minutes. It’s the lactic acid which is to be blamed remember? Catch your breath so that oxygen sinks in your lungs and in your tissues, to inhibit the anaerobic metabolism which produce lactate.


6. Get rid of the lactic acid

No mouth breathing as a rule! Breathe through the nose. Also, do some stretches once your session of garba is over. Diet too can aid in forbidding lactate to deposit in your muscles. Eat foods rich in magnesium (legumes, green vegetables) and Vitamin B (dairy, fish, poultry).


7. Don’t forget the beauty sleep

Your body needs some hibernation after any exercise, and garba being a full body workout causes fatigue. To rejuvenate and to shine as a star the next day at your garba, don’t forget to take 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  


So now you have the perfect ingredients to turn this garba season into a huge success. You are all set to go. We hope you have a terrific Navratri!

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