Using Homeopathic Treatment? Follow These Tips For Better Results

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Considering the hazardous side effects of allopathic treatments for any given disease, homeopathy treatment is a boon. You are spared from harming your body with harsh chemicals (technically speaking). However Homeopathic Treatment comes with its own perks. The effect of these treatment strategies lie in the patient’s hand to be precise. This is basically dependent on how religiously you follow advice and take the necessary precautions. These are a few precautions which can make you r experience with Homeopathy better and more effective.


1. No touch technique

 You must not touch your medicines. They should only be taken using the cap of your medicine container. You know for sure that the main contents of remedy lie in the liquid part, which loses its effectiveness when touched.


2. Stay away from addictions

You must abstain from all sorts of addictions. Addictions cause the medicines  to lose their efficacies. Addiction also includes too much of caffeine. If you really want to see a full fledged effect of homeopathy, you have to leave tobacco, alcohol behind. What can be a better reason to quit?

Also, menthol, peppermint and excessive salt should be avoided as they act as an antidote to homeopathic remedies.



3. No cocktails

If you are incorporating a homeopathic regime in your life, you should not take any other regimes including  allopathy or ayurvedic medicines. If you regularly take some medications for heart disease, blood pressure or diabetes, you must consult your doctor before starting homeopathy.


4. Gadgets are a big no!

 Avoid keeping the medicines near objects which emit rays like television, computer or refrigerator. All these electronic appliances emit rays, which in turn reduce the efficacy of homeopathic medications.


5. Eat right

Be cautious about what you are eating while adopting homeopathic regimes. Foods with strong odour like onion, garlic, ginger are a strict contraindication. You are not supposed to eat anything 30 minutes before and after taking your  medicines to enhance their effect.


6. Store tight

Do not keep homeopathic medicines out in open. They must also be kept away from direct sun exposure in some cold place. The best recommended temperature for storage is 10-20 C. They must also be kept at a distance from preparation with strong odour, even strong balms. They must also not be scanned in the airport security systems.


7. Regularity counts  

The time of taking the medicine should also be maintained. The time of taking medicines should not vary much. Not that the effect would be diminished, however it would be advisable to follow a strict trend of taking medicines if you desire maximum outputs.


We would not give you false hopes by saying that you would obtain immediate effects using homeopathic treatment, however if you hold on to your regimes, you would definitely see miraculous results. The treatment with homeopathic medicines is gradual but effective, but in order to let the medicines show there wonder the precautions are to be taken without callousness. Many times it happens that you take the medicines, but they don’t show any good effect because proper precautions are not followed. We hope you have a happy time using homeopathy. 

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