Urinary Incontinence? Fight It With Ease

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Urinary incontinence is a horrid situation of leakage of urine or involuntary discharge of urine. It is especially common in women (2:1), with menopause, parturition and pregnancy being primary risk factors. There can be several forms of incontinence including stress incontinence, urge incontinence, functional incontinence and overflow incontinence. What can you do, then? Well, following are several tips which can make living with this eerie condition easy.


1.    Exercises

The exercises which aid immensely in urinary incontinence are Kegel exercises. The following link demonstrates these exercises.


 2.    Don’t rush while in the loo

This is what is called the double voiding. The link depicts this method.


3.    Say no to caffeine

Coffee, coke, tea are diuretics, which promote excessive urination. Thus, limit their intake.


4.    Over hydration is not meant for you

Yes you need to be hydrated, but it can work against you if you duress yourself to consume 10 glasses of water a day. You also ought to give up on juices and other beverages.


5.    Say goodbye to cigarettes

Smoking elicits coughing, which elicits discharge of urine involuntarily. We thus give you another reason to quit the habit.


6.    Shed kilos

Even if an innuendo, being overweight can cause involuntary urination because of the fact that obesity gives rise to diabetes, an essential part of which is poly urea.


Living with incontinence is not easy. But we hope with the above mentioned techniques, you have reckoned easy ways to deal with the situation. 

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