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Do you feel your emotions taking a toll on you sometimes? Do you often catch yourself worrying way too much about something very trivial?  There is not a trace of doubt that we are all more than just busy to make ends meet. Almost everything that we do tends to build up some emotional pressure. It is not only our professional lives which contribute to it, but our personal life too. So how do we deal with it all? All this mess that gets popped up from just nowhere, how do we cope up with it? Simply by getting stressed. It only comes very naturally, thinking that it might aid. Stress these days is no difficult thing. Let us know a little bit about this global burden of stress.

Stress can be classified as two types acute stress and chronic stress. Acute stress is a very trivial amount of stress which keeps up going, maintain the push needed. Chronic stress on the other hand it nothing remotely close to it. It is a long term stress with many adverse effects.

Stress is nothing but what we make ourself go through for most trivial things. You are stuck in traffic and are getting late; you weigh yourself and notice that you have gained 2 kg than last time stress caused, these are outside sources causing an internal state of stress.

It is your nervous system which gets activated. This results in stress which becomes a response. We are all different. We think differently. We act differently. We all respond to stress in a different manner.

If you feel that there is one magical solution to avoid stress or get rid of stress, im afraid to admit that there is none. The only thing you can do is prevent yourself from over thinking and over exerting. You need to realise that you have limits. You are human, not super human. But if you feel that your stress level has exceeded beyond the bounds of your control, you need to seek help. We do not mean that you are a lunatic, but you need to get rid of stress, for chronic stress sure can make you a lunatic.

Managing stress will give you a better grip over yourself and over life in general. It would also increase your productivity drastically, for stress does reduce it significantly.

A quick way to release stress is to direct your thoughts to a different direction. Studies have in fact suggested that closing your eyes the moment you feel stress building up, taking long and slow breaths and thinking of pleasant things such as walking in a meadow or lying by a beach might alleviate stress.

There are infact certain signals that your body gives you when in stress. Some common ones are sweating, sleeping disturbances, appetite alterations.

Do remember that it is you who decides how to deal with stress. Take proper and regular meals, exercise often, avoid smoking alcohol, visiting a therapist if need be. You could meditate and indulge in yoga to calm yourself mentally and physically. Stress need not be a part of your life. It is important to remember that life is an ocean sail in it, don’t stress under it!

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