These Habits Are Making You Obese

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Are you trying really hard to lose weight? Have you given up eating literally everything, yet none of the regimes is working? There could be several reasons behind this, including a lot of day to day activities. Following are a few reasons why you are putting on weight despite all your efforts.


1. Low fat and fat free food

It does sound crazy, doesn’t it? But it is true. You should stop buying products marketed as fat free or low fat. Basically they save you only from few calories and in doing so they replace fats with low performing carbs which get digested quickly, causing a sugar rush and an immediate hunger rebound. So fat free foods are free of fat, yet they do not prevent you from obesity.


2. Ignoring advice related to nutrition intake

By reading this you are already on your way to form habits which can help you lose weight. Studies show that when health advisers prepare a diet and exercise routine for people, the recipients begin eating smarter and also get indulged in more and more physical activities on a daily basis. The ones who didn’t pay heed to the advisers did not make any sort of changes in their routines, leading to no weight loss.


3. Sleep- it is too little or too much

A good night’s sleep is mandate when you are trying to lose weight. Those dieters who sleep less than 5 hours gain 2.5 times more belly fat than the ones who have a 6-8 hours sleep. Always try to get approximately 6-7 hours of sleep every night, which will be the best to control your weight. Sleeping more than 8 hours or too much will make you put on more weight and would make you lazy and lethargic.


4. Drinking soda

Are you a soft drink lover? Do you know drinking soft drinks on a regular basis increases your chances of being obese or overweight by 33%. Isn’t that figure surprising? And even diet soda is no good for you. Studies has shown those who consume a lot of soda have their waistline increased 5 times faster than the ones who don’t. The artificial sweeteners in the soft drinks increases your appetite, causing you to eat more.


5. Skipping meals

Most people tend to believe that by skipping meals or eating lesser number of times would help in weight loss. This is merely a myth. The truth is, by skipping meals you are increasing the chances of obesity (especially breakfast). By skipping meals your metabolism boosts hunger which puts your body in fat storage mode and further increasing the chances of eating more in the next meal.


6. Eating quickly

It takes 20 minutes for our stomach to tell our brain that it has had enough food. Individuals who eat slowly take in 66 fewer calories than those who eat fast. If we take this count on every meal by eating slow you can lose more than 8-10kgs a year.


7. Less intake of water

We all know it is every important to keep ourselves hydrated to be fit. The more water you drink, higher are chances for you to stay thin. Studies have shown that by drinking two cups of water before every meal helps you lose up to 30% more weight. So make sure to keep yourself sufficiently hydrated and drink a lot of water daily.


8. Big bites

By taking big bites you tend to eat more for you don’t feel satisfied. Try having food in smaller bites and use smaller spoon or fork. This increases your level of satisfaction and you tend to enjoy your food by taking longer to eat. Consuming big bites increases your calories count by 52%


We hope we have aided you some bit to be able to lose weight. Avoid these commonly habits to stay fit and fine.

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