These Everyday Habits Will Guard You From Cancer

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The growing cancer burden is posing a threat to the society. The ailment which caught hold of only few people some decades back has now become a major health menace. It is surprising that contradictory to the year 2012, which witnessed a diagnosis of cancer in 12.1 million patients, the toll of cancer would touch 24 million by 2035!  It has thus become imperative to combat this emerging havoc of cancer. But did you know that you can actually distance yourself from this life threatening condition? How? There are a few basic habits which you need to inculcate in your lifestyle to be able to guard yourself from cancer. On an average, one third of the cancers can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an ideal health. What are these habits and how do they help? Read below to know about them.


1. The extra weight doesn’t bother you? It should!

So you have been an obstinate believer in gluttony so far? You have been putting on weight and every time someone points out to your growing flabs, you  seem not to care any bit? Well what if we tell you that being overweight poses a great risk to a lot of cancers? This is not to scare you, but to open your eyes to adopt healthy over tasteful foods. You must aim for an ideal and fairly constant body weight. We say fairly so that the myth that gaining four or five kilos of weight can get you cancer. Your ideal weight depends on your BMI (Median adult body mass index). To get more information about BMI, click here.


2. It is high time to bid goodbye to these foods

You would not achieve that ideal health over fortnight. You need to adopt habits which keep you in good health from a very early age. There is no ideal age to maintain an ideal weight. But it is more than wise to start as early as possible. Early twenties is usually the best time to start keeping in your best health. Past that age? Do not panic. It’s never too late for anything. Start today.

Cut off on fast food. Avoid drinks or juices loaded with sugars. Do not take too much of packaged food items including your favorite chips. Stop munching on those little dairy milk chocolates when you are hungry. Know that each little adds up to the past “littles” you have already been piling up.

The food you need to eat is too trivial as compared to the food that you want to eat. Whenever you have the craving to eat excess, remind yourself that it is your own body which would bear the consequences.


3. Choose the right foods

In a strict sense, your diet should comprise most of the foods which are easy to identify. The ideal foods are the foods which even a child can identify. The farther, the worse. Vegetables or fruits, specially the colored ones and the ones with rich fiber content. Some of the best foods include berries, grapefruit, pomegranate, broccoli, salmon, turmeric and green tea. These constitute what is known as the natural anti cancer diet. They contain abundant amounts of minerals and antioxidants which fight cancer and provide longevity.


4 Let out some sweat

Our gadgets and sedentary jobs make it impossible to drench ourselves in sweat. It is the best thing you would ever do to your body- workout. Make it a point to walk at least thirty minutes a day no matter what. The reason we suggest walking is because it is probably the easiest workout for anyone, with the plus point of only requirement being your sports shoes!  You might choose other workouts like yoga, aerobics, zumba or gym. Whatever suits you best and whatever abstains you from giving some excuses to run away from it might work for you.

Some added benefits can be achieved from walking or cycling to work place, taking stairs instead of elevators.


5. Processed meats? Mistake!

If you have been eating heavily processed meats or red meat thinking it is keeping you in the best of health, you have been wrong all along. Yes you do need nutrition apart from your regular vegan diet, but processed meat and red meat have only been harming your body. The best way to consume animal foods is in boiled form. Avoid using excessive salts, preservatives, oils and fats.

At the same time you also need to cut down on red meat. Red meat includes the kind of meats which are red in color when they are raw. This includes meat like lamb, pork and lamb. Red meat has been perpetually associated with colorectal cancer. The other harmful effects include cardiovascular diseases and alzheimer’s.


6. Junkie?

It is impossible to stay away from alcohol, tobacco or drugs these days. But becoming addicted to any of these is not advisable. It only makes way for a lot of cancers to reach you.

Where on one hand, alcohol causes cancers in liver, colon, rectum and oro-pharyngeal regions, tobacco consumption on the other hand leads to cancers of lungs, oral cavity or mouth, throat and stomach.

So our only advice is to keep all your addictions under control.


Remember, your health lies in your very own hands. The best gift you can ever give yourself is by living a healthy, stress free life. So why not start today?

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