These Are The Alarming Signs Of Breast Cancer

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Let us begin from the beginning. Cancer has held terror for men and women since decades. This disease has the power to change your life forever. When it comes to breast cancer, the two words suffice in giving unrelenting chills.

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among women in India with an incidence of 144,937 (in India, in 2012). For 2015, there were some 1,55,000 new cases of breast cancer reported in India and of these, 76000 have died!

So do we need to be scared? You still doubt? The good part is, like many other cancers in most patients, breast cancer can be recognized and cured at an early stage. How? Read on.


1. Do not neglect these symptoms:

  •  Swollen armpit
  • Swelling or shrinkage in breast
  • Tenderness in breast
  • Continuous pain in breast
  • Prickly sensation
  • Lump in the underarm or breast
  • Discharge from nipple (bloody or clear)
  • Itching or burning in nipple
  • Rash on nipple
  • Change in size, texture, contour of breast
  • Weight loss
  • Bone pain


2. What to do when the above-stated symptoms are observed?

First and foremost step- look for an appropriate doctor. A gynecologist or a cancer surgeon, you can visit either of them. Following are the procedures you are commonly advised to rule out breast cancer.

  • Breast ultrasound: to find out nature of the lump.
  • Breast MRI: to identify the abnormal change in breast.
  • CT scan: to check for distant metastasis of cancer cells.
  • Breast biopsy: to affirm the diagnosis concerning the lump.


 3. How can it be treated?

 Radiation therapy: destroys cancer tissues.

Chemotherapy: kills cancer cells

Hormone therapy

Lumpectomy: removes the breast lump

Mastectomy: all part of the breast is removed from the body.

Targeted therapy: uses medicines which directly attack genes that are transforming in cancer cells.



  • The treatment modality adopted majorly depends on the stage of cancer:

Stage 0: mastectomy is the standard treatment for this stage.

Stage 1 and stage 2: lumpectomy is aided with radiation or mastectomy.

Stage 3: surgery is indicated preceded by measures like chemotherapy, targeted therapy or hormonal therapy.

Stage 4: involves a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy or hormonal therapy.


Our only advice is to not to neglect any symptom. You never know what sign might be more than just a normal phenomenon.


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