There Is More To Vicks VapoRub Than What You Thought

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You must be wondering why do we even care to mention what vicks vaporub does. But trust us, this glorious white jelly is so much more than just an ointment.

Needless to say, it plays a crucial role and has an immense efficacy in eliminating cough, cold, chest pain, neck pain. But following are some not much commonly known uses of vicks, which will compel you to keep it in your first aid kit.


1. Heal the cracked heel

Vicks can be a powerful remedy to heal the dry and cracked heels. Rinse your feet before going to bed, apply some vicks on the affected area, put your warm socks on and delve in a good night’s sleep. For better result mix some glycerin with it too.


2. No more stretch marks

Believe it or not, but vicks can help in removing stretch marks. It has been known widely that stretch marks are hard to go kind of a thing. But applying vicks to your stretch marks 2-3 times a day regularly for a month, you can get rid of stretch marks to an extent.


3. Fungal infection

Got a fungal infection in your toenail or finger nail? We have a solution. Vicks vaporub! Apply vicks to the long standing fungal infection. The fungus would vanish and you would never get that contamination ever again.


4. Fights acne and bruises

Vicks can heal most acnes easily. If there is any scar or bruise on your face or your body, vicks is an easy option which can be used anytime and anywhere. So instead of some expensive acne product, add vicks in your beauty bag.


5. Dry skin

No need to worry if you forgot to carry your moisturizer. All you need to do is look for a chemist! Trust us, the moisturizing effect of vicks would never let you down!


Moreover vicks can  help you if you have a severe sinus problem, tennis elbow, sore muscles and day to day cuts and splinters. You can also use it to train your pets.

Vicks is indeed a solution to many problems. So when do you start carrying this amazing bottle in your hand bag?


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