The Magic Of Avocado

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Research has concluded that Avocado is a powerhouse of nutrition. This fruit, which forms the main ingredient in Guacamole, is an abundant source of healthy fats. It remains much sought after food for fitness freaks. The following effects of avocado will allure you and would make you rush to the super market to fetch this amazing fruit!


1. Nutrition

Guess the number of vitamins encompassed by Avocado? 20 it is! Also, please don’t ignore the minerals and phytonutrients it contains. What more do you want? These are called nutrient boosters for the fact that they absorb more fat soluble vitamins from foods.


2. Adds to weight loss

An average sized avocado contains 50 calories, which makes it a great substitute for butter, cheese, mayonnaise and other high calories foods you eat. You can replace any of the above-mentioned foods with two spoons of creamy avocado. This fruit is hence a satisfying snack.


3. Healthy heart

Avocado contains fat but this fat is heart healthy (unsaturated variety). This variety of fat can lower the cholesterol level and are very beneficial when consumed in moderate quantity.


4. Blood pressure

An average size Avocado contains 140g of potassium. Foods rich in potassium reduce or nullify the effect of salt on your blood pressure and will also reduce the risk of stones in the kidneys.


5. Storage

Once you slice an avocado you need not eat it all at once. Avocados can stay fresh and protected by being stored with lemon juice. You can use an air tight container and refrigerate them.


So enrich your diet by adding some avocados to it.

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