Stop Practicing These Yoga Poses If You Are Pregnant

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Hello! Are you pregnant? Have you thought of incorporating yoga in your workout regime? If yes, then for sure reading ahead will frame a clear picture of what all you need to avoid during your yoga practice.

Needless to say yoga is excellent for health. You should opt for yoga on a regular basis. It not only imparts flexibility to body but also strengthens your mental health. Especially in pregnancy, yoga is a great way to a great body. It will keep you from putting on extra weight. However, there are many yoga poses you should be avoiding during pregnancy. Following are a few examples:


1. Plank Cross (Twist Variations)

 Twists can be done in various forms, and undoubtedly they are a great way to lose belly fat.  If you have been doing twists before your pregnancy then it would be a cakewalk for you to do this pose in your pregnancy. But hang on! Do make sure that after you first trimester, you stop doing twists as they exert extreme pressure on your belly. Remember once you cross your first trimester this yoga pose is a big NO for you.


2. Locust Pose

 Locust pose and any other poses in which you lie down on your belly put a lot of pressure on your belly which is surely not good for you when you are pregnant. So avoid these poses, as any abnormal pressure might be devastating for your little one.


3. Plow Pose (Halasana) 

Plow pose is another great yoga exercise where you fold over and work on your core. But again NOT WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT. This inverted pose as well subjects your belly to extreme stress which is not advisable with a baby bump.  


4. Extreme forward bends (Uttanasana)

 Forward bends are great stretch exercises. But forward bending compresses the blood vessels and nerves that are connected to the uterus. So avoid this pose as much as you can. If at all you wish to do the bends, keep your legs wide so that enough space is maintained between your thighs and do not bend too much.



5. Extreme backbends

Flexibility in body is attained after years of strenuous yoga practice. A flexible back will not cause much harm to the foetus but if there is inadequate flexibility in back then you must restrain from these poses as they put you at risk of diastasis .These are specially dangerous in the first trimester as the baby is not firmly adhered to the uterus.



6. Core strengthening poses

 Because of the baby bump, the obliques are used frequently than the abdominus. Moreover, the abdominal muscles are susceptible to damage in case the obliques are over strengthened. So avoid these core workup poses.




7. Savasana

Once you enter second trimester, avoid lying on you back for extended periods. The increased weight around uterus will interfere with flow of blood and nutrients for your baby. It even causes increased back pain, high blood pressure or heartburns. You can use bolsters and blocks instead.


Nothing beats yoga when it comes to rejuvenate body, mind and soul but during those nine months the priorities are different, so is your body. This is not really the best time to keep yourself in shape. So be gentle with the baby and of course with the to be mother. 

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