Skipped A Period? These Are 5 Common Culprits

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Delayed period causes more than just little mental clutter. Half the time you are under the impression of being pregnant and you end up buying a dozen pregnancy kits. If the test comes positive, you are relieved to an extent, but what when it doesn’t? You are left with an icky feeling haunting you night and day. You lie on your bed beside your snoring husband, mentally enlisting all possible causes (generally including cancers as well).

Relax. You are over thinking, and your over thinking is delaying your period all the more. Your period has connections to a lot many things other than pregnancy. Following can be the reasons behind you missing your period.


1. Stress, anxiety and over thinking

Over thinking kills your period, just as it kills your happiness. Even though the mechanism remains complex, in short it can be summarized that stress affects the hypothalamus, which directly regulates secretions from pituitary gland. The pituitary in turn inhibits ovaries from releasing ova, thereby inhibiting ovulations (and hence the shark week)!


2. Popping pills

Taking contraceptives can disrupt the continuity of your menstrual cycle. Contraceptive pills are nothing but plain hormones (estrogen and progestin). Suddenly discontinuing the pills hampers the hormonal axis in body which is responsible for regulating periods. Once you stop taking the pills, you would need some good 5-6 months for your cycle to get back on track.


3. Thyroid hormone

Thyroid regulates the metabolism of body. Symptoms of decreased thyroid levels include weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and feeling cold at normal temperature. An increased thyroid level has exact opposite effects on body. Consult a Gynaecologist if you think you suffer from abnormal thyroid levels. Once your thyroid levels get back to normal, you would see sudden flip in the overall bodily functions, including menstrual cycle.


4. Extremes of weight

Being overweight or underweight triggers release of stress hormone, which becomes the reason of your period getting delayed. Gaining weight in no time increase the level of estrogen in body, which makes the endometrial lining overgrow. This results in irregular or heavy period or no period at all.


5. Inordinate work out

We did not imply that working out is bad. But by default, excess of everything is harmful. Working out way too much can make you skip your Bloody Mary. It is one of the ways how body tries to conserve energy because a lot is being spent in working out. Also, women need some amount of fat to maintain normal release of ova. Since over exercise depletes fat, it also hinders the normal release of ova from ovaries.


So a missed period is a lot more than being pregnant. If you are skipping your period, stop being stressed, limit your workout to a moderate amount and consult your doctor for thyroid levels.

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