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Dry eye syndrome is a chronic and common condition. It is difficult to say whether the condition is completely curable or not.  Although in most cases, dry eyes are treated with much success, along with better visibility.

There are many medications to combat and get rid of dry eyes when it comes to medical cures. The combination of treatment your doctor administers you depends and varies with the severity of your problem. However, as we all know that allopathic treatments are often associated with unfavourable outcomes along with the favourable ones. So we suggest you some home remedies for treating this symptom.

To begin with, dry eye is not a disease or disorder but a symptom of an array of disorders. Thus primarily, you need to identify the culprit causing dryness in your eyes. This might range from side effects of some sort of medications to disorders as severe as arthritis. Dry eye is common among adults of 40 years and above, particularly women who in the menopausal age.  Following are some preventive measures for keeping dry eyes at bay:

1. Avoid places with high air movement

Avoid these places as they are a major cause of dryness in eyes, also being the cause of worsening the pre existing dryness. Limit direct exposure to dryers and fans. Wear shades on a windy day to avoid drying of eyes.

2. Water and food intake

Make sure you drink sufficient amount of water as it can greatly aid you in getting rid of dry eyes. Water would keep the mucous membrane of your eyes adequately moist. Also have a healthy meal plan. Eat foods rich in omega 3 such as walnuts, fish etc.

3. Tears

Tears not only keep eyes sufficiently hydrated, but also play other important roles. They have many important electrolytes and anti bacterial enzymes which keep your eyes healthy. Tears coat your eyes, hydrating them and providing necessary nutrients.

4. Warm cloth

Soak a clean cloth in warm water and keep it over your eyelids for five minutes. Repeat the process over and over again as it will loosen up the debris and would help in curing dry eye.

5. Mint

Next time you feel itchy in your eyes use a minty eye wash. Boil some spearmint leaves for 10-15 minutes in water, let it cool and apply it to your eyes using a clean cloth. The main ingredient in mint is Menthol which will aid in stimulation of tears and will make your eyes feel fresh and energized.

6. Chamomile

Chamomile is a peculiar daisy plant used for many medicinal purposes. It is also a known cooling agent.

7. Turmeric

Turmeric has a lot of health benefits as it helps in curing many diseases. Intake of turmeric can help you overcome dry eye as well. Mix turmeric in milk or in almond milk and have a glass daily. This will keep your eyes in moist state.

8. Paprika

You can add paprika to you meals. Not only it adds an extra flavour to your food, it is high in vitamin A, which is an essential ingredient to keep your eyes in healthy state.

9. Bilberry

Bilberry belongs to the berry family and closely related to blueberry. It believed to be excellent in curing macular degeneration and maintaining overall eye health. It is very useful for dry and itchy eyes. Extract of his fruit will help improve blood flow and oxygen supply, in turn activating the tear gland. There are many ways to use bilberry but keep in mind to not to over indulge. Use up to 220 mg of bilberry per day.

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