Shavasana In 2 Minutes

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Every asana in yoga has its own significance and associated benefits. This article focuses on Shavasana, also known as the corpse pose.

Steps : 

1.    Lie on your back, keeping your feet a foot apart.

2.    Relax and keep your hands sideways, with palms facing the sky.

3.    Keeping eyes closed, take deep breaths slowly.

4.    Now concentrate on every body part starting from head and moving towards feet.

5.    Try not to move forward until you relax all the body parts.

6.    With each deep inhalation and exhalation, make sure to release all the stress and anxiety.

7.    For beginners, it is advisable to start from at least 4-6 minutes. Those who have good concentration can try doing it for longer.


Note :

If you feel drowsy during this pose, try breathing faster. As a rule, practice this pose after your regular yoga regime.


Benefits of Shavasana :

1.     Connects your mind and body

2.      Influences the nervous system, bringing complete change in your body.

3.      Reduces blood pressure and improves memory

4.      Reduces fatigue, stress and anxiety.

5.      Improves mental health and gets you to be more focused.

6.      Beneficial for all those who suffer from asthma, diabetes, constipation and neurologic problems.

7.      Helps in insomnia.

We know that you are jaded after your intense yoga session and you don’t feel like moving a finger. But trust us, investing 10 minutes in this amazing yogasana would magnify the effects of yoga on your body. So, whatever be the case, do not skip Shavasana after yoga practice, for it is essential to regulate energy flow in your body.



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