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Ever wondered why the area beneath your oculus is so dark? You are weary of rummaging the internet for cosmetics, yet none show the desired and foretold results. Regardless of the reasons which cause those hideous circles (hormones, hereditary, excessive crying, dryness in eye, lack of sleep, stress, lifestyle), we have a cure! If your mind has started to churn thinking how much does our cure cost, you can breathe a sigh of relief, for they literally cost nothing. Take a look.


1. Chilled tea bags

Your perception of tea bags is going to transform. Instead of discarding the used tea bags, refrigerate them for a while. Place these frigid bags under your eyes for 15 minutes. Try this regularly to see a lighter skin super cede the stubborn dark patches.  


2. Milk

The connection of milk with a luminescent skin remains unscathed. Cold milk gives the fair and lovely effect to your skin besides acting as an excellent toner. Immerse a cotton ball in cold milk and squeeze off excess milk. Use the cotton under eyes for a while. Again, regular usage is the key to coveted eyes devoid of dark circles.


3. Grinded potato

So raw material required: a raw potato and…………. nothing else!

Grate the potato and filter the juice obtained. Soak cotton balls in this juice and keep them on the affected area. After a few minutes, rinse off.


4. Tomato

Precisely this is a concoction of lemon and tomato juice in equal proportions. Pour a tablespoon of tomato juice and blend it well with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture under eye for 10 minutes, following which, wash thoroughly with cold water.


5. Almond oil or almonds

This is a rather ancient remedy. Use almond oil to massage the area under eyes. You can also embellish it with a whit of honey. Another great option is to use almonds with milk.


You can pay your gratitude to the gadgets you use every now and then for affecting eyes without fail. With ceaseless use of gadgets it is imperative to look after your eyes. Make sure that you take five minutes off and get away from all screens. Stretch, take a walk or just sit and relax, but give your eyes some leeway to relax!

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