Save Your Knees From Osteoarthritis With These 5 Quick Fixes

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Your knees remain one of the most perpetually used joints. Most of the movements throughout the day need a lot of arduous work by the knee joint. As a result, this by default becomes one of the most susceptible joints to wear away with the advent of time.  

Structurally, the knee joint combines three bones- the femur, tibia and fibula; the joint itself has a separate bone called the patella. So when we talk about the knee, it is 4 bones that we are dealing with to be precise.

As a matter of fact, wearing of knee is a natural process. However, smidgen alterations in everyday lifestyle techniques can work wonders for this complex joint. Following are some easy ways following which you can prolong life of healthy knees.


1. Footwear matters

Your footwear have a direct co relation to your knees. They should have a firm grip so that injury due to fall is minimal. Keep in mind that any pressure on feet indirectly implies pressure on knees. So the next time you are picking shoes, go for comfort rather than looks.


2. Say no to sedentary lifestyle

This is a must. Make it a point that you incorporate physical activity in your routine for at least 30 minutes. A regular exercise routine strengthens your muscles. Strong muscles lay the foundation of strong joints, for it is the muscles which hold joints firmly in place.


3. Get in shape

The more you weigh, the more your knees would labour. It is usually the obese or the lardy people who are predisposed to knee pain. It is also noted that the severity of pain is in proportion to weight gain. So maintain a static body weight as per your height.


4. But keep in mind to not to overburden your knees

Some exercises exert abnormal amounts of pressure on knees. Pay attention to the force that you exert on your knees while exercising. Squats, bends, running are a few examples which might strain knees unnecessarily. If you run, do not run on hard surfaces. Bending of knees should not exceed halfway.


5. Watch out!

Injury remains an aetiology of knee pain for a lot of people. Prevent your knees from sudden jerks or major blows. While climbing stairs do not subject your knees to stress. Always warm up before workouts for it would guard your joint and would also prevent ligament from tears.


Cultivate these minuscule habits to keep your joints robust so that you can chase your grand children.  


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