Robotic Nurse Assistant

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Surprised? Need not be for robotics is rather progressing at an unmatched pace. With this pace the day when robots would substitute humans in almost everything does not lie out of reach.

When it comes to a hospital setup, there is too drudging required. A nurse is often seen running here and there with ten tasks lined up. 

Would you believe if we tell you that there would be robotic nurses in hospitals? Yes! There are certain variations of these robots.

RIBA (Robot for Interactive Body Assistance), one such full robot developed by Tokai Rubber and RIKEN and is assisted by hardware called HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) suits of robots discovered by Cyberdyne.

RIBA is the first robot to substitute nurses in the hospital as it can lift humans from wheelchair or bed.

RIBA uses high accuracy tactile sensors to carry patient with a human like arm. It is developed by RIKEN’s sensor, control and information processing and material and structural design technologies by TRI.


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