Reason to Rejoice- HIV might have a cure

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Since ages scientists have been struggling hard to seek cure to what remains one of the most gruesome infections- HIV. Finally, they seem to have added a feather with eradication of the highly contagious virus from an originally infected 44 year old British man.

The reason that HIV is difficult to get rid of is because of the unique feature of this virus to maintain a reservoir of its progenies in a specific group of cells which evade various treatment measures. It is the CD4 cells of the host’s immune system which remain prime targets of HIV. In their active state (or infected state of body), the CD4 cells and hence the virus give rise to successors. However, there remain some dormant cells which do not produce further copies of virus, unless the immune system is activated. So in short, the virus infected cells sneak the effect of treatment by sinking to dormancy. The only way to activate the dormant cells is through infection.

A proficient team in the UK has been running trials to check the efficacy of a treatment regime, which is one of a kind because it also activates the dormant CD4 cells besides clearing off the already activated CD4 cells.

In a specific trial, which was conducted on 50 HIV positive patients, one is being reported to test negative for the virus in his body.

Experts have not ceased to dig into this regime to be able to arrive at a conclusion, but if they are able to then this might prove to be one of the most phenomenal advances in the field of Modern Medicine.  


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