Quit Cigarette With These 10 Tips In No Time

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1. Remind yourself the reason for quitting

Make a list of all the reason for which you want to quit. Make copies of this list and paste it on places where you spend more time like office desk, kitchen or bedroom.


2. Stay active

Get indulged in workouts. It can be yoga, running or group exercises like zumba or kick boxing- whatever works the best for you. Workouts will keep you distracted from cravings.


3. Stay hydrated

Consume more water, preferably cold. This would also facilitate the release of dopamine, which would have an elevating effect on your mood.


4. Make a note of rewards

Enumerate the positive impacts of quitting. Every time you feel like lighting a cigarette, make a list of all the good things which happen to you on everyday basis after quitting.

5. Stay away from alcohol

Consuming alcohol cuts down on your determination and works against your commitment of quitting. Also, drinking is often seen to be accompanied by smoking. Thus to avoid clicking the lighter, say no to alcohol.

6. Brush your teeth regularly

Make sure to brush as often as possible to keep your mouth fresh and make your breath feel better. This will surely help you stay away from smoking.


7. Have your own no smoking zone

By no smoking zone we mean places where you cannot light up a cigarette. Whenever you get the urge to smoke go for a movie, library or a mall- the places where you are not allowed to smoke.

8. Curb caffeine

Coffee does increase the alertness level of brain, but also makes some people jittery and anxious. In such conditions, one is more likely to smoke. So avoid taking caffeine.

9. Maintain distance from friends who smoke

Friends and family are supposed to help you through the difficult phase of quitting. But there would always be some people who would always buy an extra smoke, giving you a million reasons to light it up. Stay away from them