Osteoporosis And Women

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Osteoporosis, also termed as ‘porous bones’ is a disease where the bones turn fragile, week and are likely to break even when subjected to normal amount of forces. It is also known as silent disease as the symptoms are not evident immediately with the commencement of disease. A significant time is elapsed between start of the disease and appearance of symptoms.

It has been concluded from research analysis that about half of the women and quarter of the men will have will suffer from this disease, making women four times more vulnerable. Women to witness osteoporotic fractures outnumber those who encounter breast cancer or heart attacks.

Women in the menopausal period of life are more prone to have osteoporosis. The simple explanation to this remains reduced production of estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone produced in women’s body in the reproductive age. Its production declines as soon as menopause approaches. This hormone is known to prevent bone loss. Thus with the advent of menopause, there are increased chances for women to lose calcium.


1. What are osteoporotic bones?

The bones which are affected by osteoporosis are very weak, fragile and porous.

The most common symptom of osteoporosis is broken bones or fractures especially at the hip, Wrist and spine.


Bone remodeling is a continuous process, as a part of which, old bones are replaced by new bones. Even though this process never stops, there are some variations observed.

By the age of 30, the body has already formed most bones and the resultant mass of bones is termed as peak bone mass. After 30, degeneration of bones commences. This picks up pace after menopause as in the first four to six years, about 20% of bone mass is lost.



2. Women, a word of advice to keep your bones healthy

1.     Avoid excessive drinking and smoking for these habits deteriorate bone quality.

2.     Exercise on a regular basis.

3.     Increase your intake of vitamin D and calcium. An amount of 700 mg of calcium is sufficient to meet the daily calcium needs of body.

4.     Eat healthy.


You should Start taking care of your bones to ensure that they remain healthy for all your life.

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