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Aloe Vera is in fact termed as the miracle plant because of its myriad benefits. This miracle plant contains vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C and E, and folic acid, each of which is a part of the basic dietary requirement. Aloe vera is also rich in minerals like copper, potassium, chromium, magnesium, iron, sodium, calcium, zinc, and manganese. Health experts consider aloe vera to be nature’s most splendid and versatile herb. It is in fact one of the rare herbs which can be used externally and internally. This herb can help you find cure from burns to cancer.

Here are some top health benefits of aloe vera:


1. Boosts immunity

Aloe vera has abundance of antioxidants, which boost immunity by eliminating free radicals from the body. Free radicals are unstable compounds which harm your health and aggravate the aging process. Consuming aloe vera on a regular basis increases the intake of anti- oxidants in your body and helps slowing the process of aging, keeping you in good health.


2. Intensifies skin health

This natural herb is very often used for skin care as it hydrates the skin, making it smooth. It helps in advancing the process of reconstruction of new skin tissues. By applying aloe vera gel on your face you can enjoy a flawless and glowing skin. Aloe vera can be used for sunburns, allergies, bilsters and much more. The greatest advantage of aloe vera is that it can be used even in sensitive skins. There are no chances of getting a reaction or side effect of any kind.


3. Improves weight and energy level

Aloe vera juice boosts digestion. If you have consumed your favorite pizza which can make you dull and lethargic, you can counter its effect using aloe vera juice. It will not only keep you energized, but will also benefit in maintaining a constant body weight.


4. Cures gum disease

Due to its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties it helps in protecting your gums. The vitamins and minerals found in aloe vera stops bleeding in the mouth (gums). If you are inflicted with some gum troubles, you can rub some aloe vera gel onto your gums or put some aloe vera powder before brushing.


5. An end to constipation

Aloe vera juice drastically improves bowel movements, speeding up the process of digestion because of its natural fiber content. It can be used as a natural laxative as it ends constipation.


6. Treats acne

Of all skin troubles, acne remain a major source of distress. But you need not care any bit if you have this amazing herb called aloe vera. Its antibacterial properties help reducing acne significantly. It also speeds the healing process and prevents scarring. It dries up acne and prevents their eruption at first place. The effect of aloe vera on acne is indeed magical and like no other medication.


7. Smooth and shinny hair

Aloe vera has moisturizing properties and aids in keeping hair smooth and shiny. It balances the pH levels of hair. It helps in hair growth due to its nutritional constituents and it removes dead cells from scalp. It prevents dandruff and reduces scalp itching and breakage.


8. Maintains  blood sugar levels

Aloe vera juice helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. To see the effect of aloe vera on blood glucose levels, drink aloe vera juice for three months on a regular basis.


9. Reduces the risk of cancer     

The influence of aloe vera on the immune system is closely related to anticancer properties. This herb helps you fight cancer as well. Studies say that it can reduce the size of a tumor.


If you are buying some new plants for your garden, do not forget to add aloe vera. This herb can solve a lot of your problems at home without the need to visit a doctor.


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