Night Blindness: Causes And Prevention

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Night blindness (the medical jargon being nyctalopia) refers to a condition where in affected individuals lack a clear vision at night or in poorly lit areas. In other words, the eyes are inept in accurately adjusting with the changes in illumination. The repercussions of night blindness also extend to other eye problems like short sightedness or myopia. 

1. What are the causes?

  • One of the most significant and common causes of this disease is the deficiency of vitamin A or retinol. 
  • Retinitis pigmentosa can also cause inadequate vision at night.
  • Diseases which affect the motor functions of brain might result in night blindness and other defects like weakness, deafness, impaired balance and coordination.
  • Multi vitamin deficiency or malnutrition also results in poor nutrition of the eye, causing night blindness. 
  • Other ocular maladies including dryness, blur vision and difficulty to adjust in light are alarming sign for you to visit an Ophthalmologist.   
  • Cataract can also be a reason for night blindness
  • People with myopia remain slightly predisposed to night blindness because of the difficulty they face in focusing the far away objects. 

2. Prevention for Night Blindness

  • Make it a point to have a well balanced meal with the right amount of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A.
  • Other eye related problems cause night blindness too, so prevention of these diseases or treatment remains an important preventive measure.
  • Eye drops prescribed by the doctor should be used as per instructions. 
  • Pregnant women should ensure their intake of sufficient vitamins and minerals.
  • Make sure you make every effort to take care of your eyes to ensure you and your family savours the beauty of life.

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