Myths About Masturbation You Thought Were True

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The population of the world for once might be called short when compared to the myths preached in every society. No area remains devoid of innumerable hollow beliefs, so does the so called blasphemous practice of masturbation. Yes! The word which is so offensive for a lot of people that they wont even say it out loud. Anyway, no offense from our side to such people frankly, and they are as much revered as those who say it out loud are.

Masurbation is as essential as sex. In fact, sometimes even more than sex if you know what I mean. Here are some myths about masturbation, which people thought were true. Some of them might be utterly hilarious but more hilarious is the fact that people believe in these kind of things.


1. Masturbation makes you blind and impotent

Yeah, this baffling belief is a mere starter. There are more coming up. We have no idea where this came from. All we know is that it makes no sense and holds no truth. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that masturbation aids in treating  insomnia and other mental problems, and ofcourse it relieves stress.


2. The genitals will be devoured

Your genitals might be harmed if you use anything sharp or potentially harmful. If the genitals do not get harmed in puching a 3 kilo baby out, how would they be devoured  with masturbation? Yes, we would not however deny that you need to be cautious with the hygiene part, especially women because women are more prone to urinary infections.  Be aware of what you use for your genitals. Nothing you use should interfere with normal functioning. Otherwise, masturbation cannot harm your genitals.


3. Masturbation is for men, not women

What could be expected in a society that preaches male chauvinism as if it were a religion. If men can masturbate, women too can do it. There is no obvious reason to justify this taboo.Women might not talk as freely as men, but that does not became a potent enough reason for women to desist from sex.   


4. Masturbation can lead to STDs

I guess this term itself is self explanatory. It is sexually transmitted disease. Masturbation has nothing to do with it. STDs can not be transmitted unless people have had actual sex, as a skin to skin contact is necessary for STDs to occur. How then can masturbation transmit STDs. If the fear of contracting a STD was keeping you away from masturbation, then let that fear go and embrace yourself.


5. You lose virginity if you masturbate

Virginity is becoming an obsolete concept these days. Why then should we hold on to such an ancient concept. Virginity can be lost even by activities like cycling or swimming. Virgin only stands for a person who has not had sex before. Let us keep sex and masturbation separate.


Masturbation is no more an alien concept to a major proportion of population. Thus it is quite important to know the difference between reality and myth. Again, if you have were a believer of these myths, its alright. There is nothing wrong with masturbation. So do not stay away from discussing it without any trace of shame.

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