Mother’s Milk Is An Elixir- Here’s Why

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Mother is the greatest gift life can bestow us. The bond never breaches even after the nine months are over. You must have heard about endless reasons why a child should be fed with mother’s milk for initial years of life. Some others might just join the song when people say that mother’s milk is indispensable. But there are more important and scientific reasons to ensure that the newborn is given this easily accessible elixir- mother’s milk. Following are serious reasons why every child should get to be fed by mother’s milk.


1. It’s raining antibodies

Antibodies are the proteins produced by your body to naturally fight against infections. There are several types of antibodies which are found in humans. Mother’s milk is abundant in a specific type of antibody- the IgA (immunoglobulin A). This is only found in mother’s first milk (the later milk has lower content). During infancy, the IgA protects the baby from perpetual attack of pathogens by forming a protective layer on organs. You would be surprised to know that IgA varies according to the infections that mother is exposed to. Hence, it’s just customized or tailor made.   


2. Healthy baby

There are so many infections which are naturally cured by mother’s milk. These infections can even be fatal in an infant (diarrhea, pneumonia, other viral infections). There is a significant reduction in risk for the child to catch sudden infant death syndrome. There are a lot of cancers which develops in the early years of life. Mother’s milk shields the child from all these life threatening cancers. Hence it is a natural anti carcinogenic substance.

The BMR of children is unmatched. Especially during the initial days of life there is a need for protein and sugar in a specific amount. This protein and sugar balance is naturally maintained in mother’s milk.


3. Medicinal effect lifelong

There are a number of diseases which you would not contract if you have been adequately breast fed. Some of them are serious diseases like celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, high cholesterol.

Mother’s milk can also keep you in shape. No kidding. A baby who has been breastfed has lower chances of getting obese in later life and thus evades the consequences which follow. The reason for this is the lower insulin content in mother’s milk. Also, because of more leptin, apetite and fat are better regulated. That however does not imply that you give up your workout or start eating junk three times a day.


4. You can bid goodbye to allergies

It has been proven in numerous studies that children who are breastfed are naturally guarded against frequent allergies as compared to those who are not. This is mainly attributed to the effect of IgA on the organs of baby. How IgA works is by mainly forming a protective layer on organs. This barrier protects baby from frequent inflammation and allergies which otherwise is not possible in the babies who have not been fed with breast milk.


5. Brain development

It is not only the physical development which is enhanced by mother’s milk, but also intelligence. Mother’s milk is believed to facilitate the brain and cognition development in babies. Studies have shown great degree of variations in intelligence of children who were provided breast milk and who were not. It is believed that the fatty acids present in mother’s milk contribute to development of brain.


What can we say! So there is another reason why mother is so important. She protects us life long, not only by being there but by breastfeeding, the effects of which stay with us for all our lives. There is not a single aspect of development which remains untouched by mother’s milk. We are sure you now know why at first place we called mother’s milk an elixir!

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