Make Your Child Feel Special by Doing These Simple Things

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It is very hard to spend time with children these days. The blame can be easily placed on out busy and hectic schedules. We cannot dare to afford even a five minute break from our packed routines. So how do we make time for our children?

Everyone is only allotted 24 hours to make as much as possible. We are supposed to manage work, social life and family in these 24 hours. Amid all the mess, an important aspect of our life suffers - our children. Nobody can substitute money for time. Children need as much time as they need money. There are a few ways which can aid you in doing so. We are not talking about some great changes. We are rather emphasizing on minor things. Following are a few ways you can make your kids feel special.


1.     Quality rather than quantity 

Quality time merely means doing little things which can lay a great impact. For example, heading off to a nearby park or watching their favorite movie together (you might not necessarily go to a multiplex). Certainly, that is a great deal of fun and children will love you for it. And we can assure that you are not going to regret it any bit.  


2.     Little things you do for them

Bring them gifts. Do you remember people from your childhood? Certainly these are the people who gave you candies or playthings every time they met you. For children, people who bring them their most loved stuff become their heroes. We are not saying that you need to bring them a play station every day. You can grab a comic that they like reading, or a coloring book or poster of their favorite superhero.


3.     Read to them

Reading has a great impact on minds of kids. It shapes them. It moulds them. It prepares them to face the world waiting for them with courage and honor. Make it a point that you read to your children before they go to sleep. How long does it take to read a chapter to your kids? Barely 15-20 minutes. But trust us, the bond you develop with your child in these minutes is going to last forever. 


4.     Follow some rituals

This does not mean going to some temple everyday! You can frame small rituals to follow every day. They can be anything like you having a cup of tea sitting in the lawn while your child drinks his milk, kissing him good night, dropping him to school on your way to work. This way, your child is going to look forward to see you throughout the day.  


5.     Do things which are special to him

Attend their soccer game or go watch their play in the auditorium. They might seem nothing to you, but it breaks your child’s heart if you do cannot make it to the parent teacher meet. Encourage them and assure them that you would be there to attend their piano exam. It would have a great impact.

6.     Let’s talk

Talk to your child for at least half an hour a day. Ask him how his day went, how is he doing in school, who is his best friend, which subject he likes the best. Tell him about your office may be, your routine, your job. This way you would know your child in a much better way and the vice versa would be equally true.

There is asset as essential as your child. Raising your child cautiously is a great responsibility that you hold. Make sure you do your best in raising your child.

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