Light Bulb Can Prevent Infections!

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The Light Bulbs Which Prevent Infections


Want pristine surroundings in hospitals? These light bulbs are your remedy. Hospitals are believed to alleviate illnesses. However the same hospitals remain a source of hospital acquired infections, for many people with many diseases are confined in a single set up.

With the advent of new technology a company named Indigo- Clean has created lights that constantly disinfect the surroundings.


Working of these bulbs

The 405nm of light emitted from these bulbs are reflected on the walls, penetrating into micro organisms.

The light emitted by the bulb targets molecules called prophyrins inside bacteria.

The light is then absorbed and the molecules produce ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) inside the cell.

ROS inactivates bacteria, thereby preventing them from re-populating the space.


This invention remains a much coveted one for it would eliminate a major portion of hospital acquired infections.


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