Lenses: They Aren’t Just Roses

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Do you think too highly of contact lenses? Do you use them regularly to evade from the geek that you appear wearing your spectacles? Surely contact lenses have many benefits, but those benefits come with conditions apply! Read on if you are a contact lens user. 

1. Contacts imply reduced oxygen supply to your eyes

As contact lenses are directly resting on your eyes (i.e. the cornea), they decrease the amount of oxygen which reach your eye. For eyes to function optimally, you need an optimal amount of oxygen supply to your eyes. To keep your eyes adequately perfused, abide by the schedule of usage, followed by resting periods, as prescribed by your doctor. You can also use silicone hydrogel lenses or gas permeable lenses as both of these types of lenses allow more oxygen flow in your eyes than the regular lenses.

2. Hygiene counts!

Contact lenses make your eyes more susceptible to infections. Eyes are prone to damage as bacteria and other microbes get accumulated on them. You must be familiar with how with time lenses get impregnated with dirt on their surfaces (both front and back). You can control the infection caused by lenses by washing them regularly in the prescribed solution. Do not leave them open; always store them in the solution. 

3. Know the replacement schedule

  • Lenses are not eternal. Each lens comes with an expiry date. Depending on their shelf lives, contact lenses can be of four types: 
  • Daily disposable lenses: to be discarded after wearing for a day.
  • Disposable lenses: can be used maximum up to two weeks.
  • Frequent replacement lenses: to be discarded in a month or in a quarter.
  • Traditional lenses: can be used for six months or up to one year.

Anything external is bound to pose some threats to the body. But if you follow the precautions without fail, the threats would be easily eliminated. So keep in mind the above mentioned points to make lenses a better and safer experience.


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