Know the 5 Common Mistakes In Yoga Sessions

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Just because you are sweating profusely on the easily available yoga mat does not mean that you are doing it the right way. Even if you lose pounds with constant yoga practice, if you do not do it with the ground rules, you are going to miss out on the bliss that yoga has in store. We do not mean that from day one you should do all poses perfectly, for that would be too unfair to expect. Perfect yoga comes from perfect practice and there is always some scope of improvement in your yoga practice. We just mean that you should be sure that you are not making common errors during yoga sessions. Following are some mistakes you should avoid if you want to experience yoga in a true sense.


1. Comparisons

No two bodies are the same. Even if your twin sister and you practice yoga together, there would be variations. So you need not make senseless comparisons. This habit would rather bring immense disappointment, for your neighbour might be a yogi since decades while you, a novice at the yoga class.  


2. Being harsh to yourself

Rome was not built in a day! Patience is the key to reach your utmost potential in yoga. You are the one who knows your body the best. You know how much can you push yourself in that backward bend, or for how long can you hold the bow pose. Why be harsh on yourself and damage your own body? Go swiftly. Bend as much as you can without causing unnecessary harm to your body. 

3. Inconsistency

It is only practice that makes a man perfect. If you really want to lose weight or do justice to the warrior pose, you must be regular. You would only attain the flexibility that you have always wanted with incessant practice. There is absolutely no substitute to it. So stop putting your alarm on snooze mode. Get up at once; take a deep breath and go for the class that you have been procrastinating for ages!


4. Impatience

You might come across moments of self doubts, when despite practicing yoga for one year, you would find yourself incapable of touching your chin to your knee in a forward bend. Then you would jump to the conclusion that probably yoga is not your thing. But you need to realise here that you are literally transforming your entire body, which is not some miracle! This might take some time but trust us when the transformation is complete, it would be like nothing before.


5. Forgetting to breathe right

A predefined breathing pattern is what makes yoga a peculiarity. You have to be aware about your breath during each and every pose. Your breathing becoming strained or stressful is an indication of you pushing yourself too far. As long as you are practicing yoga at your normal pace of breathing, you are good to continue. Remember, true magic of yoga would begin when you would attain perfect synchrony between breath and movements.


Try to avoid these mistakes the next time you roll out your yoga mat. Keep practicing yoga and keep your mind, soul and body fit!

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