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Most people are bound to get a back ache at some point of their life. The sedentary lifestyle, stress, jobs- all these factors in some way or other contribute towards development of mild to severe levels of pain in the back. Of course, for severe pain pill is the last resort but there are easy measures that you can follow to get rid of back ache.


1.    Meditation

Meditation eliminates stress. Since stress remains a major etiology for various aches, meditation is a major aid in eliminating chronic pain. Try taking out time everyday to practice meditation. What you also need to keep in mind is the fact that healing from meditation takes time.


2.    Yoga, pilates

Researches have showed to eliminate chronic back ache is eliminated by yoga, including pranayama and asanas. So make yoga a part of your life if the pain in your back does not abandon you.

Following video shows a few yoga poses which can help eliminating back ache.


 3.    Hot/ cold fomentation

In acute states, it is advisable to use cold/ ice fomentation, whereas later hot or alternate hot/ cold fomentation can be practiced. In some patients, hot fomentation tends to increase inflammation, thus alternate fomentation is the preferred option.


4.    De- stress

If you want to stay fit, healthy and happy, it is mandate that you say goodbye to stress in your life. Stress causes more harm to your body than you can ever imagine. So start living in the moment and start leading a happy and fulfilled life.


5.    Shed some kilos

Extra weight causes extra pain in back and knees. So pick up your favorite exercise regime and make it a point to get rid of a few extra pounds.


With these easy ways, you can get rid of any sort of pain in the back.


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