Keep Your Mind Healthy By These 10 Tips

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These days with a grueling schedule, it is hard to derive the “me time”. As the ancient saying goes- “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, if you do not keep an eye on your physical, your mental health would be scanty. Here are some easy tips which will keep your mind agile and far from stress.


1. Your breakfast is your boon

You should NEVER miss your breakfast period. The simple reason is because your breakfast is what will provide you energy to sustain yourself all day long. So in case you can’t sneak out for lunch in between work, it would not be a big deal. Besides, the habit of having breakfast will also improve your memory and concentration.


2. Learn to love music

Music really can heal everything. Start making time to strike the chords of your rusted strings. Learn to play an instrument in case you haven’t already. Learning to play musical notes is a challenge to your mind. It is a challenge which will soothe you, preparing you for the harsh world out there.

3. Stay puzzled!

Too bad if you think puzzles are silly? Actually, solving puzzles can prove to be a great exercise for your mind. The entire act of equating colors, shapes and sizes keeps your brain churning for the good.