Keep Infections At Bay With 7 Simple Ayurveda Tips

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Your body can fight fulsome infections if your immunity is up to the mark. If not, you would find yourself struggling with various infections every now and then. Whatever be the case, you need to ensure that your immune system is robust. Following are a few measures, adopting which you can keep your immune system healthy enough to combat innumerable infections.


1. Eat right

A balanced diet would keep your body and hence your immunity balanced. Focus eating on the right kind of foods. The list includes whole grains, fruits (preferably colored), vegetables (especially green leafy) and pulses. Avoid eating processed foods as much as you can for these pose difficulty in digestion. Fresh dairy products (cottage cheese, curd, milk) are healthy too.


2. Go the natural way

Most people say that meat is a rich protein source. However, in ayurveda the belief is rather detested. The reason behind this is the fact that meat is very hard to be digested. The human intestine is not appropriate to process the non vegetarian food because of its length, which results in putrefaction of proteins. This leads to “ama” (the toxin created in body due to improper digestion).


3. Don’t overcook your food

It is advised to eat food in raw state. However, this might cause transfer of many microbes in body, hindering the digestive process. So cook your food, but don’t overdo it.


4. Eat at the right time

Eating large quantities of food at once or not eating for prolonged intervals, both are equally devastating for the digestive system. Eating small amount of food at regular intervals maintains the secretion of digestive juices. 


5.  Yoga and pranayama

Studies have shown that yoga works at the genetic level. Yoga boosts immunity by changes in expression of genes in cells of immune system. When it comes to pranayama, the breathing practices have been practiced by ancient sages to keep the body in detox state. Yoga and pranayama also reduce stress and eliminate clutter from mind. 


6. Restrict alcohol intake

There are many harmful effects of alcohol. But when it comes to immune system, the effect is mainly because of stasis of blood flow to many vital organs. The reason is because alcohol causes red blood cells to clog together, which occlude blood vessels to many organs.


7. Don’t neglect sleep

Adequate amount of rest is a must for body to maintain its functions. Sleep gives time to all body cells (including the immune system cells) to regenerate and function properly. So do not avoid sleep.  Sleeping for 6-7 hours every day would keep a lot of diseases away from you.


Keep in mind that digestion affects almost every function of body, right from emotional well being to immune system. Make sure that whatever you eat aids your digestive system, rather than hindering it.  


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