Is Sleep Paralysis An Entrance to The Astral World?

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1. What is Sleep Paralysis? How is it one of the most unique experiences?

When you totally lose control over your body, while your body is asleep but mind is awake, this phenomenon is known as sleep paralysis, an intermediate state between your sleep and wakefulness. It is a benign experience in which your body gets paralyzed temporarily. It is an inability to speak or move while waking up from sleep and falling asleep. If it happens while falling asleep , it is called predormital sleep paralysis. If it happens while waking up, it is called postdormital sleep paralysis.


2. Why it isn’t fun!

Sleep paralysis can last for several seconds to minutes. The tricky part about sleep paralysis is that you can feel your body yet remain unable to move it, with your senses and visions occupied with dream-like imaginary things. Reading about it might seem magical, only it is not magical. It is terrific. Because you assume that you are awake, failed attempts to move hands, legs, fingers feel horrible. In worst cases people have assumed witnessing demons or unearthly creatures for real.


3. What are the common symptoms?

1.    Inability to move or speak,

2.    Pressure on chest, abdomen or throat

3.    Breathing difficulties,

4.    Increased heart beat,

5.    Sense of fear and terror,

6.    Sensing an evil presence,

7.    Real perceptions of things which are not happening,

8.    Believing that you have been touched by some phantom

9.    Floating sensation in dreams (like losing your gravity every now and then).


4. Causes of sleep paralysis

1.    Sleeping in supine position (on your back straight)

2.    Overuse of caffeine

3.    Excessive fatigue

4.    Erratic sleep timing

5.    Lifestyle changes

6.    Excessive stress or anxiety


5. How to get rid of?

1.    Try to take deep breaths

2.    Start moving your toe first

3.    Stay calm

4.    Clench your fist tight, start by moving your finger

5.    Commit yourself to sleep properly

6.    Do a little stretching before going to sleep

7.    Stay relaxed, what worst could have happened! This mantra will help you for sure!


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