I Thought You Were My Friend, Coffee!

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When you can’t really wake up after waking up, she’s there for you. When you ought to burn midnight oil to get done with an assignment due in few hours, she gives you company. She’s there at your date, on your desk, while you are working, or when you need a break. Your best friend: coffee. I hate to burst your bubble, but she’s NOT that great of a friend. Here’s why-


1. Kicks up the stress hormones

The caffeine in coffee increases catecholamines, the stress hormones. While coffee certainly provides you with goodies like antioxidants, it also stresses you out. Doesn’t sound like a good deal, does it?


2. Causes insomnia and restlessness

Caffeine is a stimulant, which helps you to stay awake. But anything in excess is bad, and caffeine in excess (10 – 13 grams to be exact) is exceptionally bad (to the point that it can kill you). Large amount of caffeine consumption can cause insomnia and prevent you from getting your precious sleep.


3. Increases bad cholesterol

Coffee contains diterpenes, which increases LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels. They also make you more prone to heart diseases.


4. Interferes with digestion

The acidic nature of coffee causes digestive discomfort, heart burns and severe acidity.


5. Is addictive

Caffeine is addictive and causes users to be dependent on it. Withdrawal from coffee is as bad as withdrawal from drugs, in the sense that it causes headaches, muscle pain, drowsiness, fatigue and irritability.

Coffee is often associated consumed with sugar and cream, which causes more addiction and hikes up the calories.


6. Makes you look for the loo more often

Coffee causes increased need for urination which not only is inconvenient but also causes excretion of important minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.


7. Interferes with drug metabolism and liver detox

Constituents of coffee retard the rate of metabolism of medicines, causing a reduction in the desired effect. It also hinders the natural detoxification of the liver.


8. Bad for your baby

Pregnant women should abstain from consuming coffee as the fetus is highly sensitive to caffeine. Coffee consumption should be limited to 1 cup a day as it directly affects the baby.


It is best to never start consuming coffee at a rate which might make you dependent.  The better alternatives to coffee can be green tea and milk. But when it comes to coffee...It has bittersweet effects.


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