Homeopathy- A Permanent Cure To Reduced Immunity?

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Often diseases arise due to a disrupted immune system. Sadly, the medications usually prescribed in conventional allopathic aim at cure of the symptoms of diseases, which in some or the other way, harm the normal bodily functions inevitably. However, what if there are treatment regimens which offer a natural boost in immunity, without compromising the body? Would not that be a game changer? 

Well, the answer that you are looking for lies in homeopathy which makes the immune system rugged enough to be able to overcome everyday infections, leaving your body unscathed.


1.    How homeopathy works?

Have you heard about the principle involved behind vaccines, where a midget quantity of dead or alive attenuated microbes trigger an immune response to generate life- long prevention against the disease activity of that microbe? Homeopathy works in a similar fashion. The sweet and relishing pellets used in homeopathy contain different compounds. These compounds are administered in small quantities to prevent various symptoms which result due to the presence of these compounds in larger amounts.


So these pellets which you have been neglecting since childhood, thinking that the right kind of medications are always bitter, are a much better and way to get rid of diseases.     

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