Hair Transplantation- A Brief Summary

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Are you losing hair and with them, your youth? Are you going bald at an age when you are supposed to be at your best? If yes, then you have to read on this article to be able to consider the option of hair transplantation. Hairs are an essential part of your beauty; be it men or women, hairs are necessary to add up to your charm and glory. Imagine yourself bald! Scared right? But we have a solution. It is called Hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure which causes re- growth of hair. Hair transplantation to fight get rid of balding is a contemporary technique. Following are a few facts about hair transplantation you must know if you are considering for the procedure:


1. Why get it done at first place?

As we mentioned earlier, hair add up to your beauty. Nobody would like the idea of getting bald. It’s not only makes you snatches away your appeal, but also deprives you of your confidence and acceptance in the society. No girl would want a partner who looks way older than his actual age. Also, no matter how old you are, you are always referred to as “uncle”. Hair transplantation hence returns you your hair, and hence your confidence and youth.


2. What is this procedure?

Are you scared that you would have to undergo some supra major surgery? Don’t be. These days, it is rather a simple procedure. The ancient ways included a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) where in cutting and removing strips of hair and skin of scalp was done to place it on the bald areas. The modern technique however is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) where small incisions made in the follicular areas and hairs are transplanted in the balding areas. In the FUE method two grafts are done i.e. slit graphs and micro graphs. Slit graph consists of 4-10 hair per graft and micro graft consists of one or two hair depending on the area that is bald.


3. Post procedure care and precautions

Thought the whole procedure is done in no time, it will take time and will a little cost. You will observe some facial swelling which would need 2-5 days to get healed. You can wear a cap till the incisions heal for safety as these incisions are nothing but wound, and any wound can get infected. For the first week you ought to be cautious with the grafted area so that it roots firmly in your scalp. An important point to keep in mind is that for the first few months you would be able to see the bald area following which, there would be growth of healthy hair.


4. Complications are a part and parcel of every procedure

There are some side effects and complications of this procedure, but they are minor and thankfully, not permanent too. For the initial days you might notice some swelling, bleeding, and numbness. There are very small incisions made in the balding area and later they become scabs, which might make you itchy but avoid scratching. Little water sprays would alleviate the itching. Infection is a common side effect which might result due to inadequate sterilization of equipments. Thus, make sure you choose a reputed and experienced surgeon for the procedure.


We would only like to end by saying that you must not take your new hair for granted, Even if the surgery gives you your healthy hair back, you must take care of them and not be callous with them as you might lose them again. So eat right and follow proper instructions for keeping your hard earned hair.

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