Grey hair? Our habits are the cause

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A strand of grey hair shining through our luscious locks is a nightmare for all of us. It looks horrible and feels worse. The major cause of graying of hair stands to be genetics- the best friend or the best foe along with the lack of adequate nutrition. Experts say that there are some habits which can speed up the process of graying and cause premature grey hair.


1. Junk food

Consuming excess of junk food or having an imbalanced diet causes deficiency of nutrients like vitamin B12, iron and zinc which in turns causes hair to turn grey.


2. Excess of medicines

Consumption of antibiotics or any other medicine for trivial problems can cause grey hair. Taking any medicine without consultation of a doctor should be avoided.


3. stress

Stress causes imbalance of hormones and triggers release of hormones which are bad for the hair. To be and stay stress-free, yoga, meditation, exercise and gardening can be done.


4. Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep constantly causes stress as well as graying of hair. Sleeping for a minimum of 7-8 hours is necessary to avoid grey hair.