Food Cravings? Do This Instead Of Submitting

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Have you ever paid heed to the fact how there always persists a craving in your mind? Sometimes its food, other times-  the food you love. Just while you are returning from your morning walk, your head might convince you to grab that plate of poha and jalebi. The ice cream parlor near your gym might allure you for your favorite sundae as soon as you step out of the gym. Then arises a constant complain- “I work so hard, yet I do not lose weight!” You think you would with the finger licking measures you adopt?

Once in a blue moon, it is wise to submit to your food cravings. But every time, it is neither imperative nor advisable to abide by these cravings, for they might result in weight gain besides compromising nutritional status of your body. Following are a few ways how you can fight the unpredictable food cravings and choose to stay healthy instead.


1. Fatty Snacks

While watching a movie you almost reflexly order wafers, or may we say not so healthy potato processed with not even remotely healthy fats! In such instances, you can choose mustard, broccoli, sesame or yogurt over pasta or Lays. We know the choice is not so enticing, but your effects on health are!


2. Bread

Sometimes when all you want is nothing but a loaf of your favorite toasted bread with copious nutella, you can contort your nutella love by making up for declining nitrogen reserves of body by foods like beans, nuts, fish or meat.


3. Sweets or desserts

We know how very hopeless you feel when you suddenly want to have a Hershey’s bar, or a plate of ras malai? Are you ready to leave for the confectionery already? Wait! You do not need those senseless calories. You should rather be heading to the supermarket to buy nuts, oatmeal or cheese to fill your body with chromium, sulfur, phosphorous, carbon, tryptophan.


4. Tobacco

Nothing beats the intense desire to grab a smoke in pouring rain. But does your body really need a smoke? Of course, not. It never needs a smoke. What it really needs is some silicon and tyrosine to fight the urge of smoking. You can munch on some nuts and seeds as a healthy choice.


5. Coffee

You can compel your will power to have the strength of a rock, yet it will give away at the sight of a tempting cup of coffee! When it comes to beverages, you can go for green tea or fresh lime water instead of the extra caffeine, cream and sugar.


All we want to tell you is that your taste buds often work against you. Your yoga and Zumba goes to trash the moment you grab a pizza loaded with cheese. Make healthy choices. Your body is a gift, and the only way to nurture it is by eating right.


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