Fill Your Diet With These 6 Foods To Avoid Cancer

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You must be thinking, are there actually some foods which can prevent cancer? We swear there are! There are certain foods that will prevent you from cancer. As a matter of fact, there are foods which might as well cause cancer! Researches have depicted that following foods cause cancer - fatty foods, sugary drinks, red meat and salty foods (that incorporated your favourite flavour of wafers by the way). The research conducted by World Cancer Research Fund show that it is best to eat more of the food of planet origin such as garlic, broccoli, and berries. They are low in calories and high in cancer fighting agents.

Following are the foods that will prevent you from cancer.


1. Garlic

Do you avoid eating garlic caused you are scared of bad breath? This amazing  sulfur compound causing the odor prevents cancer substance from forming in your body. Garlic has sulfur compounds which triggers the immune systems’ natural defense mechanism against cancer. Furthermore it even has the potential to reduce tumor growth. Consumption of garlic can reduce the chance of stomach cancer as well.


2.  Broccoli

This is another cancer preventing super food. You should eat broccoli more often. Make sure not to cook broccoli in the microwave as microwaving it would destroy 97% of its cancer preventing compounds. So other options such as steam, adding it in soup or salad, eating it raw or even stir frying it in a teaspoon of olive oil are great ways to consume broccoli.


3.  Apples

The fibrous fruit apple has agent to fight the formation of cancerous cells in the body. Studies have found that apple has an antioxidant called procyanidins which fights a series of cell signals, eventually resulting in the death of cancerous cells. Remember our parents telling us often –“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. So make sure you do have an apple in your fruit intake every day.


4. Bean sprouts

Either eat a bowl of bean sprouts or garnish your food with them. Bean sprouts are very rich in an anticancer compound called sulforaphane. These sprouts contain 50 times more than the matured beans. You can even garnish your soup or salad with these.


5. Cabbage

Cabbage consists of bioflavonoid and many other chemicals which fight tumor and protects you from having cancer. Eating cabbage in large amounts helps in fighting colon cancer and other types of cancer. Studies have shown that women who consume cabbage have 45% less chances of breast cancer than those who do not. Other chemicals present in cabbage help increase the body’s metabolism of estrogen, which is associated with breast cancer.


6. Ginger

Studies have shown that ginger is highly rich in cancer fighting properties. It is found that ginger causes ovarian cancer cells to die and reduces inflammation in the colon. The most famous way of using ginger is grating few slices in tea or you could garnish oatmeal with ginger. You can also even grate some ginger in the mashed sweet potatoes.


Already suffering with cancer? Or worried about cancer? After reading this article you sure know what to eat to be able to fight cancer, and thus staying you fit and healthy.

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