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Obesity has become a global problem in the last decade. There is no need to say that obesity is harmful, way more than you can imagine. Having a little fat is not what we imply here while talking of obesity. Itis rather a condition where a person has got so much body fat that it might have an ill effect on their health.

Technically speaking, if your body weight is 20% higher than it should be means you are obese. If BMI is between 25-29.5, then this count falls under the category of being overweight and if BMI is 30 and above then the count falls under obesity. Therefore, it is foremost to keep your weight under control. Here are a few ways to prevent this wrecking condition.


1. Eat healthy

Eat more of green and leafy vegetables such as zucchini, carrot and broccoli which are low in calories and high in fibre. These foods will keep you filled for a longer time period contradictory to the junk food which would only leave you hungry in no time. Have more of salads as they keep your level of vitamin C and E really high. Avoid more of red meat and increase protein intake. Choose healthy diet plans and keep in mind the calorie content of the meals you eat that will improve your lifestyle and prevent you from being obese. So the first and foremost step to allay the fats is easy right?


2. Increase protein intake

In a meal plan while keeping a count on the calories it is equally important to keep a proper count on the protein content as well. Having a high protein diet will help in weight loss because protein are abundant in slow burning carbohydrates. This is the reason you feel less hungry after taking proteins as compared to pure carbohydrate. Getting enough protein when you’re dieting also helps you lose fat instead of muscles. Don’t consume excessive protein, though. People with Type II diabetes, are often the obese remain at a considerable risk for kidney disease. Thus, overeating protein may increase the problem.


3. Engage in physical activities

Try and walk short distances rather than using your motor vehicles. Take the stairs to office and not the lift. Engage yourself in some sort of sport and make efforts to do it at least thrice a week. It is advisable you ditch 30 minutes from all your work and spend them on exercise everyday. Reduce time spent sitting in front of television or computer. Do not forget that exercise for sure increases your chance of long-term weight loss. It is an essential component for long-term weight management.


4. Calcium

Calcium plays a part in how fat is broken down and stored. More the amount of calcium in fat cell, the more fat it burns. Other than dairy products, few sources of calcium would be broccoli or fortified orange juice. A suggestion would be intake of low fat dairy products, which would help increase your calcium intake, making your meals more healthy.


5. Eat Healthy Nuts

Shocked? Did somebody just advise you to never to look at your favourite cashews or walnuts? Now you can. Even though nuts are fatty, they help you shed weight. It is believed that the healthy fat in nuts help you feel full, and the protein burns up calories as it digests. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts and cashews would break the calories and give your body all the nutrients needed.


While all these steps are promising to fight obesity they may have very slow effects there is yet more to do to fight obesity. Thus, make sure that you find time for yourself and live healthy and stay healthy. Remember, there is nothing as essential as your body and you must not stop making all the possible efforts to ensure it remains healthy.

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