Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

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Missed period or amenorrhea does not necessarily imply pregnancy. It can happen because of a lot many reasons. So how do you know that you are pregnant? What are the earliest signs? Just that morning sickness? To an extent, yes! Morning sickness is a sign of pregnancy, but it is just one of the many signs. There are other signs of pregnancy which can be easily over looked. Take a look.


1. Lethargy and fatigue

The very basics first. From day one of conception, most women feel jaded by even remote amount of work. The primary cause is a surge of progesterone hormone. Other signs as low levels of blood sugar and low blood pressure are all considered to be a part of it. You should increase your intake of protein rich foods, fruits and nuts to overcome this lethargy and to keep your energy levels up.


2. Abdominal pain and cramping

These cramps are similar to the menstrual cramps. The cramping is a result of the contractions that the uterus undergoes to receive an implanted embryo. Cramping in fact is an indication of the embryo getting implanted in the uterus. In some cases, these cramps might as well feel like pain in the abdomen.


3. Implantation bleeding

No you are not getting a period with pregnancy. If you witness some bleeding before or after your period date it might be what is called implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding too exemplifies the embryo getting attached to the uterus. It usually occurs at the time of implantation (between days 7-12 after fertilization). There might also be some white discharge accompanying the bleeding.


4. Tender breasts

Some women complain severe tenderness at the advent of pregnancy, sometimes so much that they find it extremely difficult to sleep. This tenderness usually begins in the first trimester itself and lasts till the end of pregnancy. The reason again is the grave hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy, involving both estrogen and progesterone. Another reason is an increased amount of fat in the breasts. The tenderness is also accompanied by increased darkening around the nipples.


5. Nausea

Remember those movies where as soon as a woman (specifically a recently married one) would throw up, her in-laws would congratulate her and celebrate? Well they were not completely wrong! Around 75% women in pregnancy suffer this symptom. Some of the women also throw up every now and then. The reason that it is called morning sickness is because it is worst in mornings.

Origin of nausea is multifactorial. Though it is primarily because of the hormonal changes, an increased sensitivity of the stomach and stress might also be contributory factors.


Again, just because you are throwing up frequently does not mean that you are a mother to be. Other accompanying signs along with the above mentioned ones can be weird food cravings and aversions and frequent mood swings. However frequent these signs might be, a pregnancy can never be confirmed just because of their presence. A pregnancy is confirmed only and only by various diagnostic tests (the urine HCG, Serum HCG and Ultrasound).

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