Ditch Period Pain With These Zero Investment Remedies

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From the very start of the month, the one thing girls fear the most is cramping during periods. Even though a few girls experience less pain, some cramping is inevitable, the cause being contraction of uterus during menstrual cycle. Medications do aid a great deal, but it is always a better idea to go natural. Following are a few natural ways which can help you ditch period pain in no time, without costing a dime.


1. Hot water bath

When it comes to period pain, hot water is a blessing in disguise. Hot water helps the contracted abdominal muscles to relax, thereby preventing pain.

Start taking the bath a week before your period to point out the difference.  


2. Less caffeine more water

Cut down on coffee. Basically caffeine makes your blood vessels constrict. Restricting coffee would relax your muscles, alleviating the cramping due to contractions.


3. A good night’s sleep

Try sleeping a little longer during your PMS (pre menstrual syndrome).  Often, altered sleep patterns affect your menstrual cycle regularly, along with giving rise to fatigue, mood swings, and stomach pain.


4. Increased magnesium in diet

Magnesium alters the functioning of muscles; hence taking nuts, beans and broccoli, suffused with Magnesium during periods is a great idea!


5. Workout regularly

It has been proved scientifically that women with tight belly suffer much lesser than those with bulging flabs when it comes to dysmenorrhoea. Try working out for 26 days in a month.


Try these tips before the Bloody Mary knocks at your door the next month to see your cramps wane. 

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