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Who likes yellow teeth? Who would like the remnants of tobacco to get tenaciously adhered to teeth only to never get off? If there is high fluorine content in water, why should your teeth suffer and let you down in front of opposite gender? Whoever told you that your tobacco stains are meant to stay forever was wrong. Whoever said that your teeth are going to stay yellow forever was even more wrong. Most of the teeth discoloration can be eliminated. We will tell you how. Let us first know what is it that takes away the glistening of your teeth?

To a great extent, tooth color depends on genetic makeup of an individual. Usually people with a darker skin tone are believed to have a faint yellowish tinge in their teeth. This however does not look as awkward as a darker discoloration of teeth due to habits, drugs or other reasons. Following are some of the reasons (including the habits) which might be causing your teeth to lose their natural color:

  • Non vital tooth (what is called a dead tooth, with no living pulp left inside it; usually occurs due to trauma)
  • High fluorine levels in water
  • Tooth decay (this too causes your teeth to turn black)
  • Poor maintenance of oral hygiene
  •  Ageing (Yes! What made you think your teeth do not get senescent? The upper covering of enamel is lost leaving exposed the yellowish dentin)
  • Tobacco (IN ALL FORMS!)
  • Tea/ coffee
  • Certain forms of wine
  • rinsing materials (Chlorhexidine containing mouthwashes)
  • Medications ( the tetracycline group, Iron supplements)
  • Materials used by dentists (amalgam or mercury containing tooth fillings for example)
  • Dental diseases (abnormalities in dentin, enamel formation: amelogenesis imperfect, dentinogenesis imperfecta; systemic diseases like celiac disease)


Sometimes in some of these causes, due to loss of tooth substance from teeth you might as well experience sensitivity or pain.

Let us now know a little about the treatment aspects of teeth discoloration. We will talk about the easy ones first.


  • First and foremost, eliminate the cause to get rid of the effects; i,e. stop taking tobacco in all possible forms.
  • Do not take too much of tea or coffee. Especially in dark forms, there are more chances for having discolored teeth.
  • When the cause of discoloration is dental caries, it can be treated by appropriate restoration of tooth or if need be, a root canal treatment.
  • Get scaling done on a regular basis. It is usually believed that one should get it done in every 6 months. This would prevent deposition of heavy amounts of stains o teeth.
  • The whitening agents available commonly. These however will not make much of a difference.


The professional cures for discolored teeth include:

  • Bleaching. In this process, a bleaching substance is applied over teeth. This substance will cause bleaching of the enamel, causing your teeth to regain their color.
  • Some stains like tetracyclines however will not get removed by bleaching, in which case, veneers (covering which are made of ceramic material; they are used to cover the tooth) or composite restorations can be used to restore the color.


Getting a perfect smile is easy. All you need is healthy and glossy teeth! Follow the above mentioned tips to maintain the charming and gleaming smile.  

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