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With high expectations and peer pressure, it is not uncommon to feel low after having a hard day or sometimes a hard week. This feeling of sadness however differs substantially from what has now become a global health issue- depression. Most people confuse the two, and get convinced by the idea that they are depressed on encountering even slight grief, when they are actually not. It is a fact that you cannot always jump from joy. There are moments when you will face a slightly gloomy and not so happy part of yourself. Trust me, this is absolutely normal, and if you have had a break up, and do not feel very well does not make you depressed. So what exactly are you supposed to feel to be called depressed? Following list bears the answer to this much rummaged question.


1. Lack of interest

No matter what, we all have some interest or hobby which holds our interest. We all have at least one thing which we look forward to, which makes us feel better. A major and at the same time subtle symptom of depression is lack of interest in all the interests or hobbies. Nothing brings a depressed person to a normal state of mind.

If a person is depressed he would find it very hard and almost impossible to get involved in social events and congregations. There would be no will to carry out even the daily activities like going to school, college or office, spending time with your loved ones, or having sex. Nothing would give emotions like pleasure, interest or joy. There is no energy to do even normal things, not is there any vigor for the same.

So if you do not go to college for a day or two and sit at home proves that you have caught this disease? No. But if you do not attend college for weeks in a row, reject calls from friends and sit at home doing literally nothing, chances are that you are depressed.


2.  Altered feelings

A depressed person never feels optimistic about anything. All he would feel is a deep hatred for the self, with frequent thoughts being

  • I can never do anything goo in life.
  • Nothing good would ever come my way.
  • Everything is my fault. I am always wrong.
  • I am a failure and nothing would change it.
  • Whatever I do, it will never suffice.
  • No one loves me. I am not important to anyone.
  • There is nothing good about life.

If you have suffered a huge loss in business, feeling like a failure is fine and normal, but it is only short lived. Depressed people feel like a failure merely on failing a class test of trivial worth.


3. Moods, emotions and sleep

The moods of a depressed person would usually range from sad, enough to be manifested in the form of hours of crying, to anger which too is enough to compel an extremely violent behavior. It is common to note the sudden mood drift. An extremely happy mindset might change to rage or crying in no time. Their response is unpredictable and even small clutter like not offering coffee can lead to an exaggerated response as there is lack of control on the self. There is also an attitude to escape and get engaged in substance abuse, gambling and other activities which might cause harm like extreme sports. There is an extreme dearth of confidence and self doubts. Even a task like making a choice between two apparels might be mindboggling.

These people would find it hard to concentrate on very small things, and find it rather difficult to remember small things. They might need hours to read a simple page of newspaper.

The sleep patterns too range from severe insomnia to oversleeping. It is common to see people who are depressed sleep during day and stay awake at night.


4. Physical aspects of depression

The body cannot be spared when the mind is so troubled. The physical aspects of depression usually include the following:

  • All form of aches including headache, body pain, muscular pain and stomach ache.
  • Either eating way too much or nothing at all.
  • Sudden weight loss or gain due to change in eating habits.
  • Callousness towards following daily routines might lead to hygiene issues as a depressed person may not take a bath or brush for long periods.


5. Suicide and death

This symptom points out to a severe or long standing depression, and is definitely alarming. On an average 90% of people who commit suicide tend to suffer from some grade of depression. Yes it is horrendous! As a matter of fact, a lot of us have thought about ending this life at some point of time when nothing made sense. But depressed people think of suicide and death quite frequently. Any little obstacle that they encounter has only one solution, end of life because they seem to hold on to an overall idea of hopelessness in life. Anything can provoke them for suicide, an ill fitting cloth let us say. Also, a bizarre fact remains that they tend to opt for measures which are more painful for suicide, for example partial hanging.  


The statistics of depression are taking a toll. There are a lot of reasons for this hapless situation. A major contributor to which remains not being able to recognize this grievous situation and getting trapped in the vicious cycle. It is highly recommended to see a psychiatrist as soon as you note these symptoms.

Happy and healthy living to all of you. 

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