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Curd is a boon really. Due to its immense nutritional value, which includes calcium, vitamin D, protein to name a few, it is routinely used as a part of meals. It also acts as a condiment owing to its brilliant taste. There are barely few foods which can match curd in its savoring taste with the added benefit of nutrition. The benefits are countless. Not only is it excellent in getting rid of digestion troubles, but also has excellent benefits on skin, cardiovascular health, anxiety, bone and joints.

However, despite all these benefits, some people are advised to not to consume curd. Surprised? We are not lying. Following are certain conditions when you should not be taking curd.


1. Tetracyclines

Tetracyclines are broad spectrum antibiotics (antibiotics effective against many categories of bacteria), effective against wide range of infections. Examples of tetracyclines include doxycycline, minocycline etc. It has been believed that the calcium in curd gets attached to the tetracycline. This interaction in turn reduces the absorbed amount of tetracyclines.

An alternative can be taking curd and tetracycline over a period of two hours.


2. Ciprofloxacin

It has been widely documented that ciprofloxacin and other similar antibiotics should not be taken along with dairy products of any type. The reason is the calcium content in these products. The calcium in these dairy products forms an insoluble compound with the drug due to its affinity with the same. This in turn not only results in futility of curd, but drug too.

This does not mean that you cannot take curd while you are on an antibiotic therapy. Timing matters. A two hour difference is maintained between antibiotics and dairy products or curd.


3. Immunosuppressants

Immunosuppressants are drugs which are prescribed to people with overly active immune system. The immune system fights infections in a normal body. However, if this immune system becomes so strong that it starts causing harm to the self cells or cells of body (what is known as auto immune diseases), immunosuppresants are needed to turn down this immune system. Immunosuppressants thus compromise the immune system, making body more prone to infection.  

The constituents of curd being bacteria and fungus, might cause infection in severely immunocompromised individuals. Thus patients who are taking immunosuppressants should not consume curd. Some of the immunosuppressants include corticosteroids, azathioprine, cyclosporine.


4. Acne

During pregnancy cows produce some hormones in high amounts. These hormones are hence secreted in cow milk. It is said that all these hormones increases the cells which get clogged in pores of skin, giving rise to severe acne. Hence dairy is perpetually asked to be avoided in anti acne therapy. It is usually in the teenage years and early twenties that there are maximum breakouts, after which the frequency is either controlled or zero. In fact, these hormones are the same ones which cause acne in certain stages of menstrual cycle.

Therefore, it is best to avoid dairy consumption completely or limit it as much as possible if you are prone to acne.


5. Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition in which the immune system of body is so active and pronounced that it attacks and destructs the joints. This results in excruciating pain, and sometimes complete immobilization and stiffness in joints. Usually people with arthritis are advised to not to consume dairy products. The reason for this is the casein present in dairy products including curd, cheese etc enhances the inflammation, causing an increase in pain and discomfort. Thus people with rheumatoid arthritis and other similar inflammatory diseases are advised to not to consume curd.


No drug comes with no interactions. Sometimes these interactions are subtle; the other times these interactions can be detrimental. Thus it is necessary to know these interactions well. So before you take a new medication, you must do your research to be able to evade the harmful interactions of these drugs. 

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